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romeo/juliet act 4/5


why is friar laurence reluctant to marry paris and juliet? because juliet is already married to romeo
how does paris explain the sudden haste in marriage plans? her father thought it would be good because she needed something happy, for she weeped of " tybalt's death"
whats ironic about the convo betweeen juliet and paris? she was talking about romeo the whole time.
if friar cannot help her, what will juliet do? kill herslef
why does the friar think juliet will accept his plan? `because she doesn't want to marry paris either
describe the friar's plan.. agree to marry, be alone, drink vial, funeral, wake in tomb, run away to mantua
what does juliet say that makes her father happy? she will marry paris
how does capulet change the wedding plans? what implication does this have? boost it up a day. and romeo wont get the letter in time.
why is paris at juliet's tomb? bringing flowers to her grave
what are the two reasons romeo enters the capulet tomb? to see juliet's face and to kill himself
why does paris think romeo is at the tomb? ruin the bodies
what is it about juliet that should have told romeo that she was not dead? red lips, warm body, skin color, fluffy cheeks
why doesn't friar laurence not want to stay in the tomb with juliet after she had woke? he did not want to get in trouble
why does juliet kiss romeo after hes dead to get poison off his lips
when montague first arrives on the scene, what does he tell thosed gathered? his wife died of grief that morning.
relate the events that lead to romeo and juliet's death as they are told by friar laurence near the play's end. it was complicated but in full detail
what info does romeo's letter give? he is going to killl himself. and the whole story.
how do the families plan to honor their children? gold statues
human error or fate? balcony scene fate
h.e or f tybalt and mercutio's fight fate
h.e or f met and fell in love fate
h.e or f the letter not getting to romeo on time. fate
h.e or f being born into feuding families fate
h.e or f romeo chosing to fight tybalt HUMAN ERROR
h.e. or f fighting families HUMAN ERROR
h.e or f friar laurence chosing to marry a 13 year old w/out parent consent HUMAN ERROR
h.e or f giving juliet the potion HUMAN ERROR
h.e or f juliet's parents arranging her with paris HUMAN ERROR
in which scene do u think d.irony peaked? their death
where is the climax in the final act? their death and the families come closer together
it is ironic how love kills joy. (state example) how is hatred punished? the parents are punished
state the theme. hatred breeds violence and death.
how does juliet show her independence and maturity in act 4 scene 3? drinks vial and uses best manners
if the poison backfires, wht will juliet do? kill herself
list fears juliet has about the potion. wake up early, frair might kill her
what happens in the breif scene? talk wedding plans
desccirbe the imagery used to describe juliet's death death has wedded her. death took her maidenhood. death is his son-in-law.
wht does fria say to comfort the family? heaven is better
wht event are the capels now preparing. juliet's funeral
why is juliet so willing to trust the friar? do you think she is wise to follow his advice cause he married her and romeo. close to them. no!
dramatic irony adds suspense. we wait anxiously to find out what will happen when the characters discover what we already know. cite two examples of this from scenes 2-4 juliet's talk with her father. happy for no wedding. juliet in her bed "dead"
what terrible trials do juliet fce i this act of this tragedy? how does she respond? the vial stuff might backfire. act alone, no romeo or nurse will be with her, swallow pride and apologize
what news does balthasar bring to romeo? juliet died
then i defy you stars means .... romeo doesn't like the role of fate
balthasar's actions prompt romeo to.. join juliet in death
wht does frair j tell friar l? romeo didnt get the letter
after hearing news from frair j, wht does frair l intend to do? go to the tomb
Created by: diva626