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Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy (Marieb, Mallatt, Wilhelm 5th Ed.) Prefixes

Ren- Kidney
Rect- Straight
Quad-, Quadr- Four
Pyo- Pus
Viscero- Organ, Viscera
Villus- Shaggy Hair
Noto- Back
Ob- Before
Oligo- Few
Oo- Egg
Re- Back, Again
Sarco- Flesh
Splanchn- Organ
Semi- Half
Septum- A Fence
Soma- Body
Squam- Scale
Retro- Backward, Behind
Sagitt- Arrow
Serrat- Saw
Sclero- Hard
Sym-, Syn- Together, With
Telo- The End
Synergy- Work Together
Tachy- Rapid
Templ-, Tempo- Time
Stroma- Spread Out
Sub- Beneath, Under
Super- Above, Upon
Tuber- Swelling
Supra- Above, Upon
Therm- Heat
Tissue Woven
Ruga- Fold
Tri- Three
Venter-, Ventr- Abdomen, Belly
Teres- Round. Smooth
Trans- Across, Through
Tox- Poison
Steno- Narrow
Trab- Beam, Timber
Troph- Nourish
Olfac- Smell
Opthalmo- Eye
Odonto- Teeth
Occulo- Eye
Peni- A Tail
Pep-, Peps-, Pept- Digest
Pod- Foot
Pleur- Side, Rib
Post After, Behind
Pre-, Pro- Before, Ahead of
Psycho- Mind, Psyche
Procto- Rectum, Anus
Pulmo- Lung
Phleb- Vein
Pin-, Pino- Drink
Pia- Tender
Papill- Nipple
Para- Beside
Pariet- A Wall
Pect-, Pectus- Breast
Peri- Around
Phago- Eat
Plex-, Plexus- Net, Network
Poly- Multiple
Pneumo- Air, Wind
Pelv- A Basin
Orb- Circular
Ortho- Straight
Osteo- Bone
Oto- Ear
Pseudo- False
Ov-, Ovi- Egg
Oxy- Oxygen
Pan- All
Sin-, Sino- A Hollow
Vas- A Vessel, Duct
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