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Med Neuro Lect6

Med Neuro Lect6 Cerebral Anatomy - Brainstem

What is Housed in the posterior cranial fossa? Can increased pressure here be detrimental? 1.Cerebellum. 2.Brainstem. **Yes, Inc pressure can be lethal.
What marks the attachment of the tentorium Cerebelli to the occipital bone? Transverse Sinus
What structures are seen from a posterior view just superior to the arches of C1? Vertebral Arteries.
What happens the inner and outer dural layers as they exit the foramen magnum? INNER: continues down to attach at S2 (spinal column dura is only one layer). OUTER: Becomes the periosteum on the outer table of calvarium.
Are C1 rootlets/Dorsal root ganglia visible posteriorly? NO, just inferior to the vertebral A will be the C2 rootlets/Dorsal root ganglia.
What sinus is found at the junction b/w the Falx cerebri and the tentorium cerebelli? Straight Sinus
What is the Incisor of the tentorium? The hole/Arch in the tentorium cerebelli through which the brainstem ascends through. **Can damage the brainstem.
Where do CN VII & VIII exit the cranium? Internal Auditory Meatus.
Where do CN IX, X, XI exit the cranium? what else empties there? Jugular Fossa. **The Sigmoid sinus empties there into the jugular vein.
Bulbar Palsy referes to damage to what? Medulla
What is the only motor nerve that exits dorsally to the denticulate ligament? CN XI Spinal Accessory N.
List the 3 main structures of the Brainstem in descending order 1.Midbrain. 2.Pons. 3.Medulla (Bulb).
What is the Cerebral Peduncle? what is called after it extis the pons (Anterior to the Medulla)? (Also called the Crus Cerebri) is a big fiber tract from the cerebrum down to the spinal cord. **Called the Pyramidal or Corticospinal tract as it exits the pons anterior to the medulla.
What is Pyramidal Decasation? Occurs in the pyramidal/coritcospinal tract where fibers from the R cerebrum cross into the L and vica versa.
What Medullary structure is located just posterior to the Pyramidal/corticospinal tract? Inferior Olive.
What structure is located in the gap b/w the thalamic hemispheres? What gland is at the base of this structure? 3rd Ventricle. Pineal gland is a the base of it, b/w the two Superior caLiculus of the midbrain.
Midbrain: Superior and Inferior Caliculus control what? SUPERIOR: Vision system. INFERIOR: Auditory system. These are located just posterior to the Cerebral Peduncle.
What is the only CN to come off the brainstem dorsally? CN IV (originates just inferior to the Inferior Caliculus).
List the Peduncles associated with the Cerebellum and their connected structures 1.Superior Cerebellar (Midbrain). 2.Middle Cerebellar (Pons, largest of the 3 peduncles, gives cerebellum its curve shape). 3.Inferior Cerebellar (Medulla).
What is the Obex? tip of the 4th ventricle where the 2 Inferior cerebral peduncles join. **Surgical landmark.
What 2 turbercles on the posterior Medulla represent major nuclei of the somatic sensory system? 1.Cuneate Tubercle. 2.Gracile Tubercle
What is the Tagmentum? The body of the brain stem which runs from midbrain down to medulla. Controls: 1.Reproducion. 2.CV rate. 3.Respiratory system. **Also called Reticular Formation.
Where does CN XII originate from? B/w the medullary pyramidal (corticospinal) tract and the olivary tubercle.
What does the Primary Fissure divide? What are their functions? 1.Anterior Cerebellar Lobe: Legs & Feet. 2.Posterior Cerebellar Lobes: Hands, arms, and head.
What structure is located b/w the anterior and posterior cerebellar lobes? What is the end of it called? Vermus. **The edge of it is called the Uvula.
What structure does the Tonsil represent? The base of the cerebellum. Found on either side of the vermus Uvula.
What connects the Cerebellar Folia in the Arbor Vitae to the peduncles (sup, mid, inf) Myelin bands. **allows for communication.
Flocularnodular Lobe The oldest part of the cerebellum. Controls the vesitbular system and eye movements. **Nodulus becomes the floculus as it moves laterally from the 4th ventricle just above the uvula).
What will result from damage to the the Flocularnodular lobe? Vertigo, nstagnis, nausea, vomitting. **Damage could occur from small brainstem infarcts or vascular events.
What 2 things could cause compression of the cerebellar tonsils onto the foramen magnum that could be lethal? 1.Tumors/masses in the posterior cranial fossa. 2.Doing a lumbar puncture on a patient with Inc intracranial pressure
Created by: WeeG
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