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Medix MOA Red Mod

Endocrine with abbreves and pharmacy abbreves

anti- against
ad- toward, in the direction of
exo- outside, outward
epi- above, upon
eu- well, easily, good, normal
pan- all, entire, very
hyper- excessive, above normal
poly- many, much
para- near, beyond
hypo- under, below, deficient
-crine secrete
-emia blood condition
-phagia swallowing, eating
-oma tumour
-trophy development, nourishment
-toxic poison
-gen, -genesis forming, producing, origin
-dipsia thirst
-ism condition
-physis growth
-tropic stimulating, influencing
-uria urine
-megaly enlargement
-pathy disease
-stasis standing still
plas/o, -plasia, -plasm formation, growth
-tomy incision
-ectomy excision, removal
aden/o gland
acr/o extremity
andr/o male, relationship to the male
calc/o calcium
gonad/o gonads, sex glands
gluc/o, glyc/o, glycos/o sugar, sweetness
ket/o ketone bodies (acids, acetones)
kal/i potassium
lact/o milk
medull/o inner section
pineal/o pineal gland
parathyroid/o parathyroid glands
somat/o body
thyr/o, thyroid/o thyroid gland
adren/o, adrenal/o adrenal glands
cortic/o outer region
gynec/o female
home/o same, alike
hypophys/o pituitary body
lute/o yellow
melan/o black, dark
pituit/o pituitary
pancreat/o thymus gland
ren/o, nephr/o kidney
thym/o thymus gland
tox/o, toxic/o poison
radi/o radiation, xray, radius
oophor/o, ovari/o ovary
orch/o, orchi/o, orchid/o, test/o testis, testes
ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone
ADH antidiuretic hormone
BMR basal metabolic rate
DI diabetes insipidus
DKA diabetic ketoacidosis
DM diabetes mellitus
FSH follicle stimulating hormone
GH growth hormone
IDDM insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
K potassium
LH luteinizing hormone
MSH melanocyte stimulating hormone
NIDDM non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
NPH neutral protamine hagedorn (insulin)
PRL prolactin
PGH pituitary growth hormone(parathormone)
RAI radioactive iodine
RAIU radioactive iodine uptake (test on thyroid)
T3 triiodothyronine
T4 thyroxine
TFT thyroid function test
TSH thyroid stimulating hormone
FBS fasting blood sugar
GTT glucose tolerance test
HCG human chorionic gonadotropin
HDL high density lipoproteins
ICF intracellular fluid
ICSH interstitial cell stimulating hormone
ITT insulin tolerance test
LDL low density lipoproteins
LTH lactogenic hormone (prolactin)
MSH melanocyte stimulating hormone (melanin)
PGH pituitary growth hormone
PTH parathyroid hormone
HRT hormone replacement therapy
BMI body mass index
ABG's arterial blood gas(es)
AFB acid-fast bacillus (tB organism)
APTT activated partial thromboplastin time
BE barium enema, below elbow
BUN blood, urea, nitrogen
C&S culture & sensitivity
C&T cross-match & type
CBC complete blood count
CK creatine kinase (cardiac enzyme), conducted keratoplasty
CO2 carbon dioxide
CRP C-reative protein
CSF cerebrospinal fluid
CT computed tomography
CXR chest xray; chest radiograph
ECG electrocardiogram
ELISA enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
EMG electromyography
ERCP endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate
FBS fasting blood sugar
Hb hemoglobin
HbA1C hemoglobin blood sugar over time (special test for diabetics)
HDL high density lipoproteins
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
INR international normalized ratio
IVP intravenous pyelo/gram /graphy
K potassium
KUB kidney ureter bladder
LDH lactic dehydrogenase
LDL low density lipoproteins
LP lumbar puncture
LS lumbosacral spine
MCH mean cell hemoglobin
MCHC mean cell hemoglobin concentration
MCV mean cell volume
Mg milligram
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
MRA magnetic resonance angio/gram /graphy
Na sodium
O&P ova and parasites
OB obstetrics
P phosphorous
Pap Papanicoloau's Test
PCO2 partial pressure of carbon dioxide
PFT pulmonary function test
PSA prostate specific antigen
PT prothombin time
PTT partial thromboplastin time
RBC red blood cell
S&A sugar and acetone
Bx biopsy
SBF small bowel follow-through
SGOT serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase
T&S type & screen
UGI upper gastrointestinal series
US ultrasound
VDRL venereal disease research laboratory
VMA vanilylimandelic acid (24 hour urine test)
WBC white blood cell
UA urinanalysis
Sx symptom
U/L, U&L upper & lower
I&D incision & drainage
DSA digital subtraction angiography
MG myasthenia gravis
aa of each; affected area
ac before meals
AD right ear
Ad. lib. as desired/needed by client
AS left ear
ASAP as soon as possible
AU both ears
bid twice per day
cap capsule
dr. doctor? dram?
elix elixir
gr gram?
Gtt, gtts drop, drops
h.s. at bedtime
h/hr hour
hs half strength
IM intramuscular
IV intravenous
kg kilogram
L litre
lb pound
Liq liquid
NPO nothing by mouth
OD right eye
OTC over the counter
OU both eyes
oz ounce
pc after meals
po by mouth; orally
prn/PRN as needed
q.2.h. every 2 hours
q.d. every day
q.i.d. four times per day
q_h every_hours
qhs every bedtime
qid four times per day
qs quantum sufficia; quantity required
Rx prescription
s without
s/c; sc sub-cutaneous
SL sublingual
sol solution
ss one half
stat/STAT immediately
t.i.d. three times per day
tab tablet
tbsp tablespoon
tid three times per day
tr trace
tsp teaspoon
Tx treatment
ung ointment
somat/o body
chondr/o cartilage
-physis growth
per- through
-tropin stimulating
intra- within
peri- around
dia- through, across
anthrac/o black
-trophy development, nourishment
cyt/o cell
hist/o tissue
kary/o nucleus
anter/o anterior
caud/o tail, toward the tail, caudad
crani/o cranium, cranial
dist/o far, farthest, distal
dors/o back (of body), dorsal
infer/o lower, below, inferior
later/o side, to one side, lateral
medi/o middle, medial
poster/o back (of body), behind, posterior
proxim/o near, nearest, proximal
ventr/o belly, belly side, ventral
abdomin/o abdominal
cervic/o neck; cervix uteri(neck of cervix); cervical
gastr/o stomach; gastric
ili/o ilium; lateral, flaring portion of hip bone; ilial
inguin/o groin; inguinal
lumb/o loins (lower back); lumbar
pelv/i, pelv/o pelvis; pelvic
spin/o spine; spinal
thorac/o chest; thoracic
umbilic/o umbilicus, navel; umbilical
albin/o, leuk/o white
chlor/o green
chrom/o colour
cirrh/o, jaund/o, xanth/o yellow
cyan/o blue
erythr/o red
melan/o black
poli/o gray
acr/o extremity
eti/o cause
idi/o unknown, peculiar
morph/o form, shape, structure
path/o disease
radi/o radiation, xray, radius
son/o sound
viscer/o internal organs
xer/o dry
-gnosis knowing
-gram, -graph, -graphy record, instrument to record, process of recording
-meter instrument for measuring
-metry act of measuring
hetero- different
homeo-, homo- same, alike
infra- below, under
super- above, upper
ultra- excess, beyond
trans- across, through
peri- around
PET positron emission tomography
SPECT single photon emission computed tomography
FS frozen section
AP anteroposterior
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