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Med Neuro Lect4

Med Neuro Lect4 Cerebral Anatomy - Meninges

What structure serves as the Periosteum? Outer Dural layer
Name the Meningeal layers from outer to inner 1.Dura. 2.Arachnoid. 3.Pia
Where on the skull is most vulnerable to cause a epidural hematoma? Squamous portion of the temporal bone b/c it is so thin. **It would lead to damage of the middle meningeal artery.
What two structures does the central sulcus in the brain divid? what does each control? 1.Pre-central gyrus: Motor cortex. 2.Post-central gyrus: Sensory cortex.
Name the Hemorrhage: B/w Cranium & outer dura? Epidural
Name the Hemorrhage: B/w Inner Dura & Arachnoid? Subdural
Name the Hemorrhage: B/w the Arachnoid & Pia Subarachnoid (usually result from aneurysm).
What will you find Medially and Deep in each cerebral hemisphere? Deep Nuclei of the Cerebrum.
What Lobe lies in the Anterior Cranial Fossa? Frontal Lobe
What Lobe lies in the Middle Cranial Fossa? Temporal Lobe
What to lobes of the brain are particularly susceptible to damage during an abrupt stop? 1.Frontal (contusion from frontal bone). 2.Temporal (contusion from petrous part of temporal bone). **Will affect memory and functioning.
What CNS structure passes through the hole in the tentorium cerebelli? Mid Brain.
The Falx cerebri (created by the joining of two inner dural layers and the housing of superior sagital sinus) attaches to what structure anteriorly? Crista Galli (Ethmoid bone).
What structure passes through the hole in the falx cerebri? Corpus Callosum (allows communication from R and L hemisphere, heavily myelinated).
What occurs during a Subfalcine hernia? One hemisphere of the brain is pushed through the hole underneath Falx cerebri. **Will see emotional symptoms prolonging.
What 2 compartments are seperated by the tentorium cerebelli? What symptoms will be seen in diagnosing each? 1.Supratentorial (above): will see cognitive & memory loss, vision problems. 2.Infratentorial (below): will see ataxia, motor funciton loss, CN problems.
What layers create the triangle spaces or Sinuses? When 2 inner layers of the dura peel away from the outer layer and join eachother.
What portion of the arachnoid layer is lining the subdural space? Membraneous Arachnoid layer.
What portion of the arachnoid layer is in contact with the Pial layer? Trabecular Arachnoid layer.
What is responisible for draining the CSF from the subarachnoid space into the dural sinuses? What layer are they extensions of? Arachnoid Granulations which are a protrusion of the membranous Arachnoid layer into the inner dural linning.
How do the Arachnoid Granulations work? They have one way valves and rely on the pressure gradient to drive fluid from the subarachnoid space into the dural sinuses.
Cisterna Magna (Inferior Cerebellar Cistern) Space created b/w the 2 lobes of the cerebellum by the arachnoid layer comming off the cerebellum to exit the foramen magnum.
Pentangular Cistern (5 Point star) is the arachnoid layer that comes together on the inferior side of the brain around the infundibulum. **Subarachnoid Hemorrhage will pool here and create a 5 point white star on the CT scan.
Created by: WeeG
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