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Ch 11 Dermatology

Prefixes, suffixes, root words 2

-itis inflammation infection of
hem/o- blood
-rrhage excessive flow or discharge
extra- outside of
vas/o- blood vessel; vas deferens
-ation process; being or having
contus/o- bruising
-ion action; condition
ecchym/o- blood in tissues
-osis condition, abnormal condition, process
hemat/o- blood
fiss/o- splittiing
-ure system; result of
vesic/o- vesicul/o- bladder; fluid filled sac
-cle small thing
ne/o- new
-plasm growth; formed substance
malign/o- cancer
prurit/o- itching
xer/o- dry
-derma skin
albin/o- white
-ism process; disease from a specific cause
cyan/o- blue
erythemat/o- redness
icter/o- jaundice
necr/o- dead cells, tissue or body
gangren/o- gangrene
de- reversal of; without
pigment/o- pigment
abras/o- scrape of
an- without; not
esthes/o- sensation; feeling
kel/o- tumor
-oid resembling
lacer/o- a tearing
cellul/o- cell
pedicul/o- lice
dermat/o- skin
actin/o- rays of the sun
angi/o- blood vessel; lymphatic vessel
lip/o- lipid (fat)
dys- painful, difficult, abnormal
plast/o- growth; formation
papill/o- elevated structure
pre- before; in front of
sen/o- old age
-ile pertaining to
syn- together
-dactyly condition of fingers or toes
poly- many; much
xanth/o- yellow
-elasma platelike structure
carcin/o- cancer
melan/o- black
squam/o- scalelike cell
sarc/o- connective tissue
psor/o- itching
scler/o- hard; sclera (white of the eye)
system/o- the body as a whole
rhin/o- nose
-phyma tumor; growth
seb/o- sebum (oil)
-rrhea flow; discharge
alopec/o- bald
follicul/o- follicle (small sac)
hirsut/o- pil/o- trich/o hair
nid/o- nest; focus
schiz/o- split
trich/o- hair
onych/o- nail
myc/o- fungus
par- beside
intra- within
sensitiv/o- affected by; sensitive to
exud/o- oozing fluid
cry/o- cold
surg/o- operative procedure
electr/o- electricity
surg/o- surgery
desicc/o- to dry up
fulgur/o- spark of electricity
sect/o- to cut
incis/o- to cut into
abras/o- scrape off
micr/o- one millionth; small
bi/o- life, living organisms, living tissue
-opsy view of
aspir/o- to breath in; to suck in
-plasty process of reshaping by surgery
suct/o- to suck
rhytid/o- wrinkle
blephar/o- eye lid
aut/o- self
-graft tissue for implant or transplant
all/o- other; strange
xen/o- foreign
esthet/o- sensation; feeling
anti- against
fung/o- fungus
prurit/o- itching
vir/o- virus
cortic/o- cortex (outer region)
-steroid steroid
phot/o- light
dynam/o- power; movement
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