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Top Ten Ap Euro.

Def. for top ten in every chapter from ch. 11 - ch. 12 in Ap Euro

What was the 100 years war? A war between Britain and France; a British victory.
Who was Joan of Arc? A heroine of the 100 years war. She was burned at the stake.
What is Vernacular? The local written vernacular.
What is Dante's Inferno? A book about the layers of hell.
What was the Great Schism? A time of multiple pope rivalry. Two but at one time three popes.
What was the Black Death? An epidemic that killed 1/3 of the population.
Who was Machiavelli? Said "It is better to be feared than loved"
What was the House of Medici? The bank of Florence
What was Humanism? Focus:value of the individual
Who was Isabella d'Estes? first lady of the world
Who was Petrarch? father of humanism
What was the Northern Renaissance? focused on religion, outside of Italy,literature and music, detail
What was the High Renaissance? Focused on perspective and movement
Who was Da Vinci? Artist of the Mona Lisa
Who was Michelangelo? Artist of the Sistine Chapel and the Statue of David.
Who were Ferdinand and Isabella? Made the Spanish Inquisition, which said that Jews and Muslims were to be persecuted. They also made a strong army.
Created by: noemy