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SAT Word Power List#10

dauntless ADJECTIVE (DAWNT lis) fearless; unintimidated
dearth NOUN (durth) scarcity; lack of
debacle NOUN (dih BAH kul) a sudden calamitous downfall; collapse or failure
debase VERB (dih BAYS) to lower in quality, character, or value
decree NOUN (dih KREE) an order having the force of law
deduce VERB (dee DOOS) to come to a conclusion by reasoning from the evidence
defame VERB (dih FAYM) to libel or slander; to take away a good name
deft ADJECTIVE (deft) skillful, dexterous, really good at doing
demagogue NOUN (DEM uh gawg) a leader who obtains power by appealing to the emotions and prejudices of the people
demonic ADJECTIVE (dee MON ik) one who works devilishly (a demon for work), having a persistent force or drive to get something done, fiendish
Down-to-the-Wire IDIOM (1900s) running out of time; at the very last minute
Draw the Line At IDIOM (Thousands of Years) to set a specific limit, especially about behavior
Dressed to the Nines IDIOM (18th Century) wearing fashionable clothing; dressed to attract attention
Drive a Hard Bargain IDIOM (A.D. 950) to insist on hard terms in making an agreement that is often to your advantage; to buy or sell at a good price
Drive You Crazy IDIOM (1900s) to make someone angry or confused; to make somebody very annoyed or frustrated
Drop in the Bucket IDIOM (Bible Isaiah 9:15) a very small, insignificant amount
Drop You Like a Hot Potato IDIOM (late 1800s) to get rid of something or somebody as quickly as possible
Created by: JWeston


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