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Lesson 10

abduct to take someone by force; to kidnap
anachronism something outdated;something out of it's own time.
archives written records stored in an organized manner.
artifacts human-made products of historical or archeological interest
effigy a crude figure of a despised person
emanicipation act of freeing from slavery or opression
fortuitous by chance or accident
herectic one who deviates from an accepted beleif or doctrine.
horde a large group or mass; a tribe of nomads.
intelligentsia the educated ellite or intelectuals of society.
legacy a gift by will of money or other personal property.
panoply a full suit of armor
proletarian of the working class
purge a removal of elements or members regarded as undesirable.
regal royal;kings
repercussion an unforseen effect or result of an act, action, or event.
saga a long, detailed account
scapegoat one who bears the blame for others
theocracy government by divine guidance or by leaders who are regarded as divinely guided.
tithe to give ten percent of one's income for the support of a church.
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