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Clinical Medicine II

UTI urinary tract infection along ANY part of the urinary tract
What is a LUTI cystitis or urethritis
Lower bladder mucosal defenses emptying, protective layer (mucus), urine properties (pH, osmolarity, urea, glycoproteins)
causes of UTI via blood, lymph, fisturla, MC urethra
MC bacterial cause of UTI E. coli (~90%), Staph. Saprophyticus (~5-10%)
When is UTI very crucial to diagnose neonates→leads to sepsis
When do we see UTIs in males >50, uncommon <50.
Recurrent UTI’s in children, what do we need to suspect sexual abuse
How does a UTI occur colonized area, fimbriae and biofilm works up the urethra and colonizes in the bladder
What are the poor host defense mechanisms that may occur damaged epithelial cells, urethral spincter, ↓ glycoproteins, poor emptying, urine pH/ osmolarity imbalance, change in flora
What are predispostiions for men for UTIs obstruction (prostate) and no circumcision
Classic presentation of UTI Frequency, urgency, Dyruria (burning)
Is it nl for blood to be in the urine w/ UTI yes,
Male, child, elderly s/s M: hesitancy, hard to go, C: fever, listless, lethargy, E: dementia/delirum, behavior changes
When are UTI’s asymptomatic pregnancy, or immunodepressed
Uncomplicated UTI nl anatomic fxn, rare kidney damage even w/ recurrent
Complicated UTI abnl anatomy, fxn, pre
3 ways to get UA clean catch, cath, suprapubic aspiration (usually on infants), wee bag
When do we culture UTIs >65, preggo, DM, gross hematuria, sxs>3days, Tx w/I 2 weeks,
Recurrent UTI’s suggest abuse, anataomical abnl
what are + lab findings nitrates, leukocyte esterase, pyruira, bacteriuia (>10^5)
how do we assume the UA has been contaminated epithelial cells present?, single species?
When do we culture urine samples underlying conditions: >65, preggo, DM, immunodepressed, known UTI abnl, Sxs: gross hematuria, >3 days duration, fever, chills, flankpain, recurrent unresolved sxs post tx
What determines functional/anatomic abnormalities excretion urography (IV and contrast)
Why would we do a KUB w/ US define emptying see for stones/obstructions, scars/abscesses (limited)
What determines abnl bladder emptying voiding cystourethrogram
Is a VCUG used for acute UTI’s no
Why would we do a cystoscopy explude bladder lesion, abnl emptying, hematuria, abacteriuria
When are sxs more vague until age 2, others: constipation hygiene techniques?
When should we refer relapsing ifx, anomalys, painless hematuria, childhood
Tx for UTIs abs, fluids,
Pregnancy complications from UTIs low birth wt, miscarriage, sepsis
Childhood problems for UTIs HTN, proteinuria, renal fxn decline
Prevention of UTIs fluids, frequent voiding, hygiene and wiping
What is acute pyelonephritis infection of pyelo-calical system
What is chronic pyelonephritis progressive inflammation with destructive changes
How does pyelonephritis occur extension of LUTI, from the blood, age (>40 M:F <40 F>M)
If S. aureus pyelo, comes from where comes from blood
Sxs pyelo FAST: dysuria, frequency, urgency, flank, loin, back pain/tenderness,
What are sxs for elderly ↑ nero signs, ↓ temp
PE findings for pyelo fever, CVAT, abd tenderness, pyuria, abscess?
RFs for pyelo uretrevesicular refluc, intrarenal reflux, dilated ureters, indwelling catheters, stones, immunosuppression, previous pyelo, elderly, preggo, neuro conditions
What is specific for pyelo in the labs WBC casts
When do we admit patients for pyelo prego, extremes of age, acute distress/sepsis, persistent V/pain, comorbidities, lack of improvement, stable? Adherent?
Tx for pyelo abx, fluids, ultrasound, culture
Emphysematous pylo death w/ DM
What causes chronic pyelo most seen w/ obstructions
If pyelo common in kids reflux tends to go away with puberty
Sequelae of chronic pyelonephritis HTN→chronic/severe→renal insufficiency →ESRF
Nl specific gravity, pH of UA <1.003
What is nl RBC and WBC <2
Created by: becker15
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