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Praxis II-0014

Praxis II-0014 Language Arts/Poetry Terms

Personification Nonhuman things give human attributes
Personification What is this an example of: "The sky is crying"
Metaphor Two thins are compared
Metaphor What is this an example of: "He was a lion in a battle"
Simile Two things are compared using the terms "like" or "as"
Hyperbole Deliberate exaggeration
Hyperbole What is this an example of: "A flood of tears"
Hyperbole What is this an example of: "Tons of money"
Lyrical Poem such as a sonnet or an ode
Lyrical May resemble a song in form or style
Free Verse Also known as "vers libre"
Free Verse Poetry composed of rhymed or unrhymed lines w/no set meter
Narrative Person telling a story
Couplet Pair of lines in a poem that are the same length, usually rhyme, & form a complete thought
Elegy Poem that laments death of a person
Elegy Poem that is simply sad and thoughtful
Sonnet Lyric poem that is 14 lines long
Limerick Light humorous poem of 5 lines
Limerick Rhyme scheme of AABBA
Haiku Japanese poem composed of 3 unrhymed lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables
Haiku Poem that often reflects some aspect of nature
Dipthong Complex speech sound; one vowel changes into another; EX: oil, boil
Schema Plan, outline, or diagram
Syntactic Putting words together (EX: Blackberry)
Semantic Different meanings of words arising from a word
Idiom One expression in a language that does not completely translate into the same phrase in a different language
Alliteration A group of words starting with the same letter (EX: Alice Ate Apples)
Assonance Repetition of sounds
Systematic Classification; orderly
Graphophonic Producing sound
Newbery Award Most distinguished award for writing in kid's books
Caldecott Award Most distinguished award for illustrations in kid's books
Created by: Studystudent