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ADP/ADRP 1 The Army

ADP/ADRP 1 The army

what ADP/ADRP covers the army? ADP/ADRP 1
In which domains do U.S. forces operates? Air, land, maritime, space, and cyberspace .domains.
As a unique military profession, the Army is built upn an ethos of trust. What are four other seesential characteristics of our profession? Military expertise, honorable service,esprit de corps, and stewardship.
what are the 11 Primary Missions of the U.S. Armed Forces? Counter terrorism and irregular warfare. Deter and defeat aggression. Project power despite ant-access/area denial challenges. Counter weapons of mass destruction. Operate effectively uin ccyberspace Operate effectively in space
What is the most important determinant of combat power? Leadership
What is the US Army's fgreatest strategic asset: providing depth, versatility, and unmatched experience to the joint force? The all-volunteer forces.
Title 10 USC establishes the basic structure of the army.What forces make u the army? One regular army and two national guard components: the regular army, the army reserve and the army national guard of the united states. Army Civilians support all three components.
what is the function of the Operating Forces? Operating Forces consists of units organized, trained and equipped to deploy and fight.
what is the function of the Gneration Forces? The Generationg force mans, trains equips, deploys, and ensures the readiness of all Army forces.
What five sets of Characteristics will enhance the army' operational adaptability? Depth and Versatility Adaptive and Innovative Flexibility and Agility Integrated and Synchronized lethal and Discriminate
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