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A & P terms

List of medical roots, suffixes, prefixes

A, an Without
Ab Away from
Acr(o) Extremity, topmost
Aden(o) Aden (I) Of or relating to gland
Anemia Blood condition
Angi(o) Blood vessel
Ankyl Crooked
Ante Before
Apo Separated
-Asthenia Weakness
Auxo Growth
Balano Of the glans of penis or clitoris
Blast Germ
Blepharo Eyelid
Brachy Short, little
Brady Slow
Chondro Cartilage
Cis On the side
Clast Break
Cryo Cold
Cyano Blue
Dacryo Tear
Di Apart
Ec- Out, away
Ecto Outer
-ectomy Surgical removal
-emesis Vomiting
Endo- Inside
Eosino- Red
Erythro Red
Eu- True, good
Ex- Out, away
Extra Outside
Facio Face
Glauco Grey
Hidro Sweat
-I- ASIs Condition
Infra Below
Inter Between
Ipsi Same
-ismus Spasm
Isch- Restriction
Kerato- Cornea
Lacrimo Tear
-lepsis Seizure
Leuko White
-lysis Seperation
-malacia Softening
Menigo- Membrane
Mero- Part
Meso- Middle
Myo Muscle
Myco Fungus
Myelo Bone marrow
Myxo Mucus
Nacro Numb
Nephro Kidney
-Oma Tumor
Pachy- Thick
Para- Abnormal
-paresis Paralysis
Parvo- Small
-penia Deficiency
-plasia Development
Pleio- Excessive
-plexy Stroke or seizure
-poiesis Production
Polio- Grey
Porphyr Purple
-ptosis Downward
Pyo- Pus
Pyro- Fever
Rhdod Red
-Rrhexis Rupture
Sclero Hardness
Scolio Twisted
Scoto- Darkness
Sinistro Left side
Squamo Scaly
-stasis Stop
-staxis Dripping
-stenosis Abnormal narrowing in blood vessel
-stomy Creation of an opening
Sub- Beneath
Tachy- Fast
Tetan- Rigid tense
Thromb Blood clotting
-tomy Cutting
Tono- Tension
Torti Twisted
-tripsy Crushing
-trophy Nurishment
-ula Small
-ule Small
Vacro Swollen or twisted vein
-version Turning
Xantho Yellow
Xeno- Different
Xero Dry
Zymo Enzyme
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