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Final Exam Review CL

Clinical Lab Final Exam Review

A method of preventing the spread of disease by separating a person with a contagious or infectious disease from the healthy population is: Isolation
The agency within DHHS responsible for implementing CLIA '88 is: CMS
The quality control chart used to record daily quality control values is a: Levey-Jennings Chart
A measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration expressing the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution is the: pH
The branch of medicine encompassing the study of immune processes and immunity is: Immunology
The name given to centrifuge models that can be used for serum separation or spinning urine samples is the: Clinical Centrifuge
The symbol or abbreviation for a microliter is: m(mu)L
The branch of biology dealing with microbes is: Microbiology
The term that expresses the closeness of obtained values to each other is: Precision
A method used to kill or inactivate living organisms and viruses is: Sterilization
The prefix used to indicate 1/1000 units is: milli
An abrupt change in one direction from the established mean is a: Shift
Written Safety information that must be supplied by manufacturers of chemicals and hazardous materials are called: MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
The agency that offers accreditation to clinical laboratories and certification to laboratory personnel is the: CAP (College of American Pathologists)
The sum of a set of values divided by the number of values is the: mean (average)
Pathogens that can be present in human blood and other body fluids and that cause disease are called: Blood Borne Pathogens
A liquid, solid, or gas dissolved in a liquid to make up a solution is a: solute
The process of checking, standardizing, or adjusting a method or instrument so that it yields accurate results is called: Calibration
The meter is the metric unit of: Distance
A set of comprehensive safety guidelines designed to protect patients and health care workers and which requires that all patients and body substances of any kind be regarded as potentially infectious are called: Standard Precautions
A measure of the spread of a population of values around the mean is the: Standard Deviation
Laboratory containers that are volumetric are used to make: Critical measurements
A person who harbors an organism, has no symptoms or signs of disease, but is capable of spreading the organism to others is: A carrier
The study of antigens and antibodies in serum using immunological methods is: Serology
The person who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of a laboratory is the: Laboratory Manager
A very fine mist that forms when a liquid is spilled or poured is called a: Aerosol
The symbol "m" [Greek letter Mu] is the abbreviation for: Micro
A wide-mouthed, straight-sided container with a pouring spout formed from the rim is called a: beaker
Inanimate objects such as bed rails, linens, or eating utensils, that can be contaminated with microorganisms are: Fomites
A chemical used on living tissue to inhibit the growth of microbes is a: Antiseptic
In units of volume, a mL is one-thousandth [0.001] of a: Liter
A laboratory that performs chemical and microscopic tests on blood, body fluids, and tissues is called a: clinical laboratory
A risk or hazard to health or the environment from biological agents is a: Biohazard
A program in which a laboratory's accuracy in performing analyses is evaluated at regular intervals and compared to the performance of similar laboratories is called: Proficiency Testing
The prefix used to indicate one-hundredth of a unit is: Centi-
The three major types of hazards in the laboratory are: Physical Chemical Biological
The practice of limiting the movement and social contact of a patient who is potentially infectious or who must be protected from exposure to infectious agents is called: Isolation
A voluntary process by which an independent agency grants recognition to an individual by way of standardized testing is called: Certification
Specialized clothing or equipment used to protect workers from direct exposure to potentially infectious or hazardous materials are called: PPE
A slender tube made of glass or plastic that is used in the laboratory for measuring and transferring liquids is a: Pipet
A set of CDC guidelines designed to protect patients and health care workers by regarding all patients and body substances is potentially infectious are called: Standard Precautions
The responsibility for identifying employees at risk of exposure to blood or OPIM lies with the: Employer
The process by which specimens are logged in, labeled, and assigned a specimen identification code is: Accessioning
Measurements made when the accuracy of the concentration of a solution is important are: Critical Measurements
A pipet that holds or measures less than one mL [<1 mL] is called a: Micropipet
A chemical solution of a known concentration that can be used as a reference or calibration substance is a: Standard
Protective isolation is also called: Reverse Isolation
Something capable of causing damage or injury to the host is: Pathogenic
A voluntary process that grants recognition to an organization that meets or exceeds established standards of quality is called: Accreditation
The study of blood and blood forming tissues is: Hematology
The curved upper surface of a liquid in a container is the: Meniscus
A nonreactive glass with a high thermal resistance that is commonly used to make high quality labware is: Borosilicate glass
How close a determined value is to the true value is expressed by the: Accuracy
An organism that does not normally cause disease in a healthy individual is considered: Nonpathogenic
A hospital-acquired infection is a: Nosocomial Infection
Water that has had most of the mineral ions removed is: Deionized water
The prefix to indicate 1000 units of a measure is: Kilo
A substance or solution used in laboratory analyses and any substance involved in a chemical reaction is a(n): Reagent
A retrovirus that has been identified as the cause of AIDS is: HIV
If a urine sample cannot be tested within 1 hour of the collection time, it should be: Refrigerated (4-6 degrees Celcius)
Due to concentration of some constituents in blood tubes should remain capped until they are tested. This concentration is due to: Evaporation
The tendency toward a steady state or equilibrium of body processes is called: Homeostasis
The logarithmic expression of the amount of light absorbed by a substance containing colored molecules is: Absorbance (A)
A substance without definite shape is: Amorphis
The Acetest is a confirmatory test for: Ketones
Which pancreatic hormone increases blood concentration levels by promoting the conversion of glycogen to glucose? Glucagon
What type of urine tests always require a 24-hour urine sample? Quantitative
An ion selective electrode is one manufactured to respond to the concentration of a: Specific Ion
Solids that settle to the bottom of a liquid are called: Sediment
Changes in the concentration of substances in the body occur continuously, aiding in achieving balance. When these changes occur various hormones are released to decrease or increase to bring the body back to homeostasis; as is in the case of an elevation Insulin
The fluid surrounding the spinal cord and bathing the ventricles of the brain is called: Cerebrospinal fluid
What is the most abundant protein in normal plasma? Albumin
What is the major storage form of lipids? Triglycerides
The interference with, or prevention of, agglutination is called: Agglutination Inhibition
The disorder of carbohydrate metabolism characterized by a state of hyperglycemia due to insulin deficiency is: Diabetes Mellitus
The logarithmic expression of the amount of light absorbed by a substance containing colored molecules is: Absorbance (A)
The blood concentration above which a substance not normally excreted by the kidneys appears in the urnine is called: Renal Threshold
What is an instrument that measures the light reflected from a colored reaction product? Reflectance Photometer
An anion is the form of an atom with an electrical charge that is: Negative
What type of instrument is used to measure the refractive index of a substance? Refractometer
The results of any testing procedure is reported following the policy of the institution, however, the usual method of reporting hCG results is: neg/pos for hCG never for pregnancy
Something originating from outside the body is: Exogenous
Analytical methods in which the sample is added to a strip or slide containing, in dried form, all the reagents for the procedure are referred to as: Solid-phase chemistry
A chemical substance that is the subject of chemical analysis is a(n): Analyte
The ureter is the tube that carries urine from the kidney to the: Urinary bladder
The specific gravity of distilled water is: 1.000
What is a device that isolates a narrow portion of the light spectrum, and is used in spectrophotometers? Monochromator
The percentage of light that passes through a solution is its: Transmittance [%T]
A substance that becomes colored when it undergoes a chemical change is: Chromogen
Creatine Kinase is often measured as an aid in diagnosing: Myocardial Infarction
The canal through which urine is carried from the urinary bladder to the outside is the: urethra
An ovarian tumor will cause false positive in a urine: hCG test
Endogenous choloestrol can be synthesized: by the Liver
Urine that has a milky, opalescent appearance could contain: Lipids (fats)
A reflectance photometer measures light of a specific wavelength that is reflected by a colored product, while a photometer is the term that refers to any instrument that measures light intensity. These instruments use a mathematical relationship called: Beer's Law
What is the clear liquid remaining at the top of a solution after centrifugation or settling out of solid substances? Supernatant
The electrolytes are a group of cations and anions important in maintaining: Fluid and acid-base balance
What are the hormones produced by the kidney? Erythropoietin Active Vitamin D3 Renin
Ketones are the product of the metabolism of: fat/lipid
What are the ions in the body called? Electrolytes
What is the functional unit of the kidney? Nephron
The excessive production of urine is called: Polyuria
What is the cation that influences osmotic concentration and determines the extracellular fluid volume? Sodium
Hemolysis of red blood cells, which can be caused by over centrifugation or excess shaking of the blood sample, releases what into the plasma or serum? Potassium
Vasopressin is another name for what hormone? Antidiuretic (ADH)
What is the yellow pigment that gives urine its color? Urochrome
What is the ration of the weight of a solution to the weight of an equal volume of distilled water? Specific Gravity
What is the breakdown product of bilirubin formed by the action of intestinal bacteria? Urobilingen
How is CO2 in the body measured? Bicarbonate Ion or HCO3
When tested with a urine reagent strip, a normal urine should have a negative or trace amount of: Protein
Failure of kidney function and suppression of urine production is: Anuria
What is the viscous fluid secreted by membranes lining the joints for lubrication? Synovial Fluid
One role of the laboratory in POCT is: Training personnel
Ketonuria occurs when the body obtains energy by metabolizing: Lipids
A urine sample collected at any time, without regard to diet or time of day is called a: Random Urine Specimen
In POCT, the overall responsibility for compliance lies with the individual site and its: CLIA Director
Hemoglobin modified by the binding of glucose to the beta globin chains is: HbA1C
What is the instrument that measures intensities of light in different parts of the light spectrum? Spectrophotometer
Cholesterol is important to the body and serves as a precursor to: Bile salts & steroid hormones
Before being analyzed, refrigerated urines should be allowed to reach: room or ambient temperature
What is the breakdown product of Creatine that is normally excreted in the urine? Creatinine
Energy production as a result of metabolic breakdown of glucose is called: Glycolysis
The enzyme present in cardiac, muscle, and liver tissue, AST, is measured to assess the function of the: Liver
What is the portion of the nephron that receives the Glomerular filtrate? Bowman's Capsule
Urine that has a milky, opalescent appearance could contain: fats/lipids
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