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Chapter 10 - Terms2


Balkan peninsula the only part of Europe not under Napoleon's control in 1810-11; Napoleon didn't want to over extend
French empire the core of the Grand Empire; France, Belgium, left bank of the Rhine, Holland, Italian coast (to and including Rome); states controlled by Napoleon himself
dependent states Confederation of the Rhine and other states that existed wihtin Napoleon's reign (ruled by family or friends); basically puppet governments controlled by Napoleon (looks like universal monarchy...)
Grand Empire had three parts: French empire, dependent states and allied states; must go along with and follow Napoleon
allied states states that Napoleon defeated and forced to join him in war against GB (Prussia, Russia, Austria, and Sweden)
Bonapart dynasty ruling family of French empire; found people willing to support him and used general dislike of GB for their advantage; FRANCE WANTS TO BECOME THE NEXT GREAT BRITAIN
modern Carthage France denounced England as "ruthless mercantile and profit-seeking"; ironic since Napoleon basically wants France to replace GB; GB as rival of the French empire
Milan Decree extension of Berlin and Continental System; any neutral vessel that traded with Britain would be confiscated; hurts US (tries to be neutral, but it hurts their economy)
Rome the second city of Napoleon's empire
three step process of French takeover 1: state of military conquest/occupation 2: establish puppet regime 3: internal/society change
The basic economic goal of the Continental System was the destruction of GB's _____ and to build up ____ for France. exports; markets
Treaty of Tilsit Alexander can be Mr. East, Napoleon is emperor of the West (check off Russia from possible opponents)
Confederation of the Rhine NO MORE HRE; Napoleon will rule everything other than Austria and Prussia (check off Austria)
"Boney" nickname for Bonaparte; from his enemies
romanticism the new cultural movement which challeneged the Age of Englightenment; Germanic
J. G. Herder author of Ideas on the Philosophy of the History of Mankind; Protestant pastor who thought the French were frivolous
Ideas on the Pilosophy of the History of Mankind imitation of foreign ways made people shallow and artificial; all cultures are different and respectable; countries are different, none are better than the next
Volk the common people (where culture comes from)
Volksgeist sound civilizations must have national character
JG Fichte believed that the inner spirit of the individual creates its own moral universe
Closed Commercial State written by JG Fichte; totalitarian system where the state planned and operated the economy; shuts off from outer world so that the citizens can develop character
Address to the German Nation written by JG Fichte; there was a Germanic spirit that was greater than other countries that should be kept pure
Old Guard Napoleon's last reserves
War of Liberation after Napoleon retreats from Russia, his weakened army is defeated
Battle of the Nations greatest battle in numbers of soldiers that fought until the 1900s
Frankfurt proposals Napoleon could continue to lead France if it returned to its natural frontier on the Rhine; doesn't accept it (pride and such)
War of Leipzig Napoleon loses and gets sent in exile
Castlereagh British foreign minister who organized the Treaty of Chaurmont
Treaty of Chaurmont Quadruple Alliance of GB, Prussia, Russia, and Austria; 4 powers will stick together until Napoleon mess is over
Fontainbleu Napoleon was abdicated and sent to exile on a nearby-ish island
constitutional charter basically an absolute king (louis XVIII), but legal equality, eligibility to all to public office, settlement with the church, and most importantly, peace; (restored monarchy)
"first" Treaty of Paris confined France to its boundaries of 1792; not meant to punish France, no retibutions
Elba Napoleon exiled to this island on the Italian coast (1st time)
Congress of Vienna representatives sent, but "big 4" dominated; wanted to restore 'liberties of Europe' and hope that a balance of powers would mean peace; Mettternich's goals: strenghten countries around fr; balance of power; restore royal families; RIGHT WING MOVEMENT
Talleyrand represented France; minister to Louis XVIII
Hardenberg represented Prussia; hoped to mike his kingdom larger
Braganzas the royal family of Portugal
Polish-Saxon question give Russia Poland and give Prussia Saxony; Matternich didnt like this
Congress Poland a new Poland where Alexander I is king and there is a constitutiion; basically a part of Russia
Battle of Waterloo Napoleon vs Duke of Ellington; Napoleon lost, and again abdicated
St. Helena Napoleon abdicated here after Battle of Waterloo; south Atlantic
"Second" Treaty of Paris more severe than first; minor changes on frontiers; owe 700 million francs and an army of occupation
Hundred Days Napoleon plotted his return from Elba; on his way back France, was met, and joined by, Louis XVIII's army
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