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Chapter 10 - Terms


Directory name of the first constituted French Republic, lasted four years; constisted of a Legislative Assembly and a Executive Branch (5 'Directors'); really just a revolutionary dictatorship - elections are overthrown (too many royalists win - threat) overthrow
"Electors" almost all adult males vote for these men (usually upper middle class) when then voted for the Legislative Assembly; indirect election in order to protect "insurance" and to save the constitution
Council of Five Hundred the lower chamber of the Legislative Assembly
Council of Ancients the upper chamber of the Legislative Assembly; consisted of 250 men over the age of 40
Five Directors the men who made up the executive branch; voted for by the Legislative Assembly
Clichy Club the right-winged opponents to the Directory; supported Louis XVIII and restoring the monarchy (royalists)
Declaration of Verona Louis XVIII announched his intention to restore the Old Regime and punish those who were involved in the revolution (1789!!!1!); Bourbons "learn nothing and forget nothing" - irrational and whipped up revolutionaries more
Conspiracy of Equals favored more democratic ideals expressed earlier in the revolution; leader - Babeuf called for economic equality - still a republic, but economically equal; precursor to communism
Cisapline Republic Bonaparte insisted that France hold its position in Italy and Belgium; needed expansionists in gov in Paris and so didn't like elections of 1797
Coup d'etat of Fructidor the councils annuled most the the election of March 1797 (too many right wing people won); two Directors were exiled; take over of gov by revolutionaries to stop a more forward monarchy - "saving the Republic"
Second Coalition (1799-1801) resulting from Napoleon's invasion of Egypt; Austria, Russia, and GB against France
coup d'etat of Brummaire November 1799, Bonaparte drives out legislaters and declares himself as leader
plebicite Bonapart assured a popular mandate by making a written constitution and allowing people to vote yes or no; 3 of them: 1800- 1st console of Fr., sets up 2 person console; 1802- console for life; 1804- Emperor of France
First Consol made all the decisions and ran the state (Napoleon after first plebicite)
Console for Life Bonaparte elected as such; 2nd plebicite
Emperor of the French Bonaparte becomes emperor of France; 3rd plebicite
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