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Stack #89005

Common Terms of the Sensory System

ambly/o- dim
audi/o- hearing
audit/o- hearing
aque/o- water
acous/o- hearing
aur/o- ear
auricul/o- ear
blephar/o- eyelid
cochle/o- cochlea
cor/o- pupil
corne/o- cornea
conjunctiv/o- conjunctiva
cycl/o- ciliary
dacry/o- tear, tear duct
dipl/o- double
glauc/o- gray
irid/o- iris
ir/o- iris
kerat/o- cornea
labyrinth/o- labyrinth
lacrim/o- tears
mastoid/o- mastoid
miring/o- eardrum
mydr/o- larger
mi/o- smaller
ot/o- ear
ocul/o- eye
opt/i- eye, vision
optic/o- eye
opt/o- eye, vision
opthalm/o- eye
pupill/o- pupil
palpebr/o- eyelid
phot/o- light
presby/o- old age
phac/o- lens
papill/o- optic disc
retin/o- retina
scler/o- sclera
staped/o- stapes
tympan/o- eardrum
uve/o- vascular
vitre/o- glassy
Created by: kate8686