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A&P 1-8

Muscular System

Increase in the size of a muscle Hypertrophy
Striated, involuntary Cardiac muscle
Decrease the size of a muscle Atrophy
Striated, voluntary Skeletal muscle
Hollow tubes and organs Smooth muscle
Deltoid is named for Its shape
Muscle of Mastication Masseter
Large triangular muscle with wide line of origin Trapezius
Muscle doing the main action Prime mover
Group of three muscles on the posterior thigh Hamstrings
Stabilize the humerus in the glenoid fossa Rotator cuff muscles
Type of muscles located on the anterior forearm Flexors
Type of muscles located on the posterior forearm Extensors
Group of four muscles on the anterior thigh Quadriceps
Muscles being stretched while movement occurs Antagonist
Forntalis is named for its Location
Primary breathing muscle Diaphragm
Muscle contraction in which the distance between the two ends of the muscle grows longer Eccentric
Muscle attachment on the bone that moves Insertion
Tibialis Anterior action Dorsiflexion of the foot at the ankle joint
Peroneus Longus origin Head and lateral shaft of the fibula
Connective tissue fascia surrounding each muscle Endomysium
Produced when ATP is produced without oxygen Lactic Acid
Muscle that forms the hollow tubes of the body Smooth
Individual muscle cell Muscle fiber
Results when muscle fibers run out of ATP Fatigue
Bundle of muscle fibers Fascicle
Attaches bone to muscle Ligaments
Chemical released to produce muscle contraction Calcium
Occurs when there is an increase in muscle fibers Hypertrophy
Gluteus Medius insertion Greater Trochanter
Gluteus Minimus action Abduction of the leg at the hip joint
Most superficial of the Gluteal muscles Gluteus Maximus
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