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Stack #88893

Common Diagnostic Procedures of the Female Reproductive System

amniocentesis needle puncture of the amniotic sac to withdraw fluid for testing
breast aspiration biopsy a needle is used to withdraw fluid or tissues for microscopic examination
cervical biopsy sample of cervical tissue for examination
colposcopy use of a scope to visualize the cervix
Doppler ultrasound instrument placed externally over the uterus to obtain a fetal heartbeat
endometrial biopsy sample of tissues from the inner lining of the uterus for examination
endovaginal ultrasound sound probe is inserted into the vaginal to obtain sharper images from the soundwaves
fetal monitoring electrical equipment placed externally on the uterus during labor to assess the strength and heart rate of the fetus
fetoscopy lighted instrument inserted through the abdomen and uterus into the amniotic sac to view the fetus
hysterosalpingography injecting radiopaque dye into the uterus and oviducts and xraying
hysteroscopy using and endoscope to view the uterus
laparoscopy use of a laparoscope inserted in the abdomen to view the reproductive organs
laparotomy surgical incision into the abdomen to view the reproductive organs
mammography breast xrays
papanicolaou smear (PAP) scraping of cells from the cervix for examination under a microscope
pelvic examination physical examination of the reproductive organs by palpation through the vagina and rectum and visual examination using a speculum
pelvic ultrasonography ultrasound wave images of the uterus, ovaries, or fetus
pelvimetry measurement of the pelvic area to determine if a vaginal delivery is possible
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