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Final Term Medix

a-, an- without, not
per- through
anti- against
epi- upper
peri- around
tachy- fast, rapid
brady- slow
pro- before, on behalf of
extra- outside
trans- across
endo- within
pneu- lungs and air
eu- good, normal, well, easy
dys- bad, painful, difficult
trans- across
lacti- milk
primi- first
ante- before, in front of
multi- many, most
post- after, behind
juxta- beside, next to
hyper- excessive
hypo- below, deficient in
poly- many, much
dia- through, across
retro- behind
bi- two, double
eso- inward
intra- within, in
inter- between
extra- on the outside
exo- outward
mono- one
sub- below
hydro- water
contra- against
pachy- thick
para- beside, beyond, around
syn- together, joined
uni- one
necto- death, necrosis
ultra- excess, beyond
quadra- four
quadri- four
supra- above, excessive, superior
aniso- unequal, dissimilar
ab- from, away from
af- toward
ad- toward
allo- other, differing from the normal
bi- two
cata- down
cine- movement
de- cessation
ec- out, out from
ef- away from
en- in, within
hemi- one half
infra- below, under
macro- large
mal- bad
medi- middle
mega- enlargement
meso- middle
meta- change, beyond
micro- small
neo- new
nulli- none
oxy- quick, sharp
pan- all
pre- before, in front of
semi- one half
tri- three
-cyte cell
-emia blood, blood condition
-gram record
-graph instrument to record
-graphy process of recording
-oma tumor
-phage cell that destroys, eats
-stasis stopping, controlling
-crasia mixture, blending
-fusion joining, pour
-itis inflammation
-penia deficiency of
-spasm sudden involuntary contraction
-stenosis narrowing, stricture
-sphyxia pulse
-capnia carbon dioxide
-meter instrument for measuring
-pnea breathing
-phonia voice
-ectasis stretching, dilation (enlargement)
-osmia smell
-plegia paralysis
-ptysis spitting
-thorax pleural cavity, chest
-arche beginning
-para near, beside, beyond
-tocia childbirth, labor
-cyesis pregnancy
-salpinx tube
-gravida pregnant woman
-version turning
-genesis forming, production, orgin
-iasis abnormal condition
-osis abnormal condition
-uria urinary condition
-al, -ar pertaining to
-cide killing
-ism condition of
-algia pain
-ectomy excission
-tomy surgical incission
-cele herniation, swelling
-spadias slit, fissure
-cusis hearing
-ptosis drooping, sagging
-opia, -opsia vision
-acusia hearing
-pexy put in place, fixation
-plexy stroke
-algisia pain
-lepsy seizure
-asthenia meakness or loss of strength
-esthesia feeling, sensation
-phasia speech
-kinesia movement
-paresis slight paralysis
-megaly enlargement
-orexia appetite
-pepsia digestion
-phagia swalling, eating
-prandial meal
-rrhea discharge, flow
-rrhaphy suture
-rrhexis rupture
-rrhagia bursting forth (of)
-rrhage bursting forth (of)
-rrhythm/o rhythm
-blast embryonic cell
-clasis break, surgical fracture
-clast to break
-desis bidnding, fixation of a bone or joint
-malacia softening
-physis growth
-plasty surgical repair
-porosis orous
-schisis a splitting, cleft, fissure
-scopy process of viewing
-scope instrument for viewing
-derma skin
-dynia pain
-oid resembling
-ologist expert in the study of
-ology the study of
-phil attraction for
-therapy treatment
-pathy disease of
-ate having the form of, possessing
-ation process (of)
-capnia carbon dioxide
-cardia heart condition
-ceps head
-ception conceiving
-cision a cutting
-clesis closure
-clysis irrigation, washing
-continence to hold back
-crine secrete
-duction act of leading, bringing, conducting
-edema swelling
-ema state of; condition
-ferent to carry
-glia glue, neuroglial tissue
-globin protein
-ician specialist
-ion the act of
-ization process (of)
-lalia speech, babble
-lucent to shine; clear
-lysis separation, destruction, loosening
-mania state of mental disorder, fenzy
-metry act of measuring
-ole small, minute
-ose pertaining to, sugar
-oxia oxygen
-phylaxis protection
-plasia, -plasm formation, growth
-poiesis formation, production
-potence power
-sarcoma malignant tumor of connective tissue
-sis state of, condition
-spadias slit, fissure
-stasis standing still
-stomy forming an opening (mouth)
-taxia order
-toxic poison
-tripsy crushing
-trophy development, nourishment
-tropin stimulate
-um structure, thing
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