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Air Force Beginnings

This act established three branches of the military the Department of the Navy, the Department of the Army, and the Department of the Air Force? The National Security Act of 1947
He was the first US Air Force Chief of Staff? General Carl Spaatz
The main duty of the Air Force after WW II deliver the atomic bomb
True or False, Most Americans expected a long period of peace after World War II True
How long did the cold war last? Four decades from 1948 - 1989
Who were the primary players of the cold war? The Soviet Union and the United States
What was the cold war? The Cold War was the political, economic, and military rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union
What was the Marshall Plan? a strategy for rebuilding the countries of Europe and repelling communism after World War II
What is the Strategic Triad a three-pronged method of delivering nuclear weapons by land, sea & air
How many countries formed NATO? 12
What does "NATO" stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization
What year was NATO established? 1949
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