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Nutrient Guidelines

What does the USDA stand for and what do they do? How long have they been around? United States Department of Agriculture; provides diet plans; since the 1900's
What are the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and what is the purpose of them? They are guidelines for americans on living healthy. They give nutritional facts and plans to people.
Explain nutrient density and give examples of things with high N.D. and low N.D. Nutrient density-the amount of nutrients in a certain food or product; sodas, sweet desserts, candies, are all low N.D.; vegetables, fruits, are high N.D.
Fats, oils, and sweets should be included only in__________ amounts in the diet. limited
The portion size of foods served in restraunts has ___________ dramatically in recent years because of health concerns. increased
It is better to focus on eating__________ amounts of a variety of foods rather than_________ amounts of a few favorite foods. smaller; larger
Among the information found on the nutrition labels on food are "_____________" and "________________" serving size; servings per container
Government guidelines ______________ that all people take dietary supplements each day. don't recommend
Health experts recommend that people ________ taking any ____________ with more than 100 percent daily value. stop; supplements
One tactic of advertisers is to give only _______ that encourage individuals to buy the product but say nothing of ____________ value. facts; nutritional
The _______ can be a good source for information about nutrition and other opics if teh user screens___________ ___________ for accuracy. internet; website articles
Studies done by universities and independent research groups are __________ sources of information concerning nutrition and health issues. reliable
In general, __________ teens need the greatest amount of food from each food group. male
To judge the amount of food you're eating in a food mixture, such as pizza or stew, you must consider the ingredients ___________. seperately
The ________ ________ found on nutrition labels reflects current nutrition recommendations based on a _______ -calorie diet. daily value; 2,000
What are the food groups? fruits, vegetables, grain, meat and beans, milk, and oils
One factore that contributers to the increasing weight problem among many Americans is that _________. Americans are custom to eating larger portions
What are the general principals of healthy eating? aim for balance, choose variety, eat healthy
Nutrition facts panels on food contain what information? serving size, daily value, serving size per container, cholesterol, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugar, protein, and vitamins
Dietary supplements include_________. vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbals
What is an example of common advertising? celebrity endorsement
Suppose the Nutrition Facts panel says a food has 160 calories per serving and 4 servings in the box. How many calories would you consumer by eating half of the box? 320 calories
According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, individuals should choose_________. a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol.
Claiming that a product can prevent or relieve symptoms of a disease is an example of an advertising technique known as _______. scare tactics
All packaged foods have a label called_________, which provides east-to-read datat about the food in the container. Nutrition Facts Panel
The ________________ found on nutrient labels gives the recommended amounts of nutrients that a person on a 2,000-calorie eating plan should have each day. daily value
Certain _________, or plants used for medicinal purposes, are linked to foldlore about their effectiveness. herbals
________ occurs when people gain something of value, ofen money, for deceiving others. Fraud
Advertisements that look like regular consumer programs on television are known as __________. infomercials
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