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Ch 14 Nervous System

Prefixes, suffixes, root words

a- an- away from; without; not
-encephaly condition of the brain
phas/o- speech
express/o- communicative
-ive pertaining to
recept/o- receive
glob/o- globe
-al pertaining to
dys- bad; painful; difficult; abnormal
-ia condition; state; thing
arteri/o- artery
ven/o- vein
-ous pertaining to
mal- bad
format/o- structure; arrangement
-ion action; condition
malign/o- cancer
-ant pertaining to
intra- within
crani/o- skull
cephal/o- head
alg/o- pain
cerebr/o- cerebrum (largest part of the brain)
astr/o- starlike structure
cyt/o- cell
-oma tumor; mass
ependym/o- cellular lining
gli/o- (glue cells) cells that support
blast/o- immature; embryonic
lymph/o- lymph; lymphatic system
meningi/o- meninges
olig/o- scanty; few
dendr/o- branching structure
vascul/o- blood vessel
infarct/o- area of dead tissue
isch/o- keep back; block
-emia condition or substance in the blood
hemi- one half
-paresis condition of weakness
pleg/o- paralysis
comat/o- unconsciousness
-ose full of
concuss/o- violent shaking and jarring
contus/o- bruising
de- reversal of; without
ment/o- mind; chin
sen/o- old age
-ile pertaining to
fibrill/o- muscle fiber; nerve fiber
-ary pertaining to
pre- before; in front of
retard/o- slow down; delay
lex/o- word
phot/o- light
phob/o- fear; avoidance
convuls/o- epilept/o- ict/o- seizure
post- after; behind
ton/o- (tens/o-) tone; pressure
clon/o- rapid contracting and relaxing
psych/o- mind
mot/o- kines/o- movement
foc/o- point of activity
hemat/o- blood
ventricul/o- ventricle (lower heart chamber; chamber in the brain)
sub- below; underneath; less than
dur/o- dura mater
hydr/o- water; fluid
-cephalus head
nuch/o- neck
narc/o- stupor; sleep
syncop/o- fainting
-cele hernia
myel/o- bone marrow; spinal cord; myelin
radicul/o- rhiz/o- spinal nerve root
herni/o- hernia
trans- across; through
sect/o- to cut
para- beside; apart from; two parts of a pair; abnormal
-lysis breaking; destroying; separating
spast/o- spasm
my/o- muscle
troph/o- development; nourishment
scler/o- hard; sclera (white of the eye)
carp/o- wrist
hyper- above; more than normal
gemin/o- set or group
caus/o- burning
alg/o- pain
poly- many; much
fibr/o- fiber
-omatosis abnormal condition of multiple tumors or masses
-pathy disease; suffering
diabet/o- diabetes
angi/o- blood vessel; lymphatic vessel
-graphy process of recording
-gram record or picture
axi/o- axis
tom/o- cut; slice; layer
magnet/o- magnet
emiss/o- to send out
electr/o- electricity
potent/o- being capable of doing
somat/o- body
sens/o- sensation
conduct/o- carrying; conveying
somn/o- sleep
lumb/o- lower back; area between ribs and pelvis
punct/o- hole; perforation
man/o- thin; frenzy
-meter instrument used to measure
tract/o- pulling
cutane/o- skin
bi/o- life; living organisms; living tissue
-opsy process of viewing
excis/o- to cut out
endo- innermost; within
-ectomy surgical excision
-tomy surgical incision
disk/o- disk
lamin/o- lamina (flat area of the vertebra)
stere/o- three dimensions
tact/o- touch
surg/o- surgery
peritone/o- peritoneum
alges/o- sensation of pain
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