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Latin & Greek root

Anus Ring
Caries Decay
Cella Chamber
Lues Plague
Corpus Body
Foramen Perforation (A hole)
Fornix Arch
Fundus Bottom, Base
Hernia Rupture (burst suddenly)
Ilium Flank (the side of a person's body between the ribs and the hip)
Ligamentum Binding
Lens Lentil (high protein pulse)
Dens Tooth
Bucca Cheek
Mens Mind
Mensis Month
Morbus Disease
Meatus Opening
Manus Hand
Labium Lip
Cortex Bark
Cutis Skin
Fascia Band
Nausea Seasickness
Bacillus Little Rod
Caput Head
Soma Body
Hymen Membrane
Pleura RIbs, side
Trauma Wound
Hygieia Health
Pneuma Air, breath of air
Sarx Flesh
Pepsis The act of digestion
Blast(o) Germ or bud
Blenn(o) Mucus
Chil(o) Lip
Chol/ Chole/ Choli Bile, gall
Chondr(o)/ Chondri Cartilage or gristle
Copr(o) Feces, excrement (Waste matter discharged from the bowels)
Hydr(o) Water
Narc Numbness, stupor
Pod Foot, Foot-like
Pyo Pus
Pyr/ Pyret Fire, Heat, inflammation
Sphygmo Pulse, Pulsation
-agogue Leader
-algia/ -odynia Pain
-cele Protrusion (Bulging out), tumor, hernia
-asthenia Weak
-cide Killing, destorying
-esthesia Sensation, Feeling
-lysis Breaking down, Loosening, Dissolution
-malacia Softening
-poiesis/ -genesis Making, Formation of
-opia Vision
-ptosis Displacement, Falling
-sclerosis Hardening of, Stiffening
-version Turning, Twisting
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