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nutritional products

Ascorbic Acid vitamin C
Cyanocobalamin vitamin B12
Feosol ferrous sulfate
Fergon ferrous gluconate
Flovite folic acid
fusilev levoluecovorin
Infed iron dextron injectable
Kaon CL 20% potassium choride liquid
Kaon potassium gluconate liquid
Kaon CL-10, Klotrix, K-Dur, K-Tab, K-Lor- Con 10 potassium chloride tablet sustained release
K-Lor, K-Lyte/CL, potassium chloride powder
K-Lyte, K-Lyte DS potassium bicarbonate + potassium citrate effervessent
Mephyton vitamin K oral or phytonadione
Micro-K Extencaps, Micro-K 10 extencaps potassium chloride capsule sustained release
os-cal 250 + D, Os-Cal 500 + D, Calcitrate plus, Calcitrate 600 + D Calcium carbonate + vitamin D
Pyridoxine vitamin B6
Riboflavin Vitamin B2
Thiamine vitamin B1
Zinc -220 zinc sulfate
Kinlytic urokinase
Activase alteplase, recombinate
Albuminar-25 Buminate normal serum albumin
Arixtra fondaparinux sodium
coumadin warfarin
Epogen, Procrit epotin alfa erythropoietin
Fragmin daleparin injectable
Gentran dextran
Heparin, Hep-Lock, Heparin Lock Flush heparin sodium injectable
Hespan hetastarch
gelfoam absorbable gelitin sponge
Lovenox enoxaparin
Nuepogen filgrastim
Oxycel, Surgicel oxidized cellulose
Persantine dipyridamole
Plavix clopidogrel
Ticlid ticlopidine
Trental pentoxifylline
Thrombin-JMI thrombin topical
Aminosyn, Freamine amino acid infusion
D_W dextrose _% in water infusion
L.R or R.L lactated ringers infusion
Liposyn II or III intralipids fat emulsion intravenous
Multitrace - 4 Multitrace - 5 trace metal combinations, parentreal
M.V.I-12 injection multivitamin parentreal
Normal Saline NS 0.9% sodium Chloride I.V infusion
D5W + Normal Saline, D5WNS dextrose 5% in water + 0.9% sodium citrate I.V infusion
Calcionate calcium glubionate liquid
Cal-Citrate calcium carbonate
Cecon Protexin vitamin C liquid
Drisdol vitamin D or ergocalciferol
Niaspan, Slo- Niacin niacin sustained release
Pletal cilostazol
Pyridoxine vitamin B6
Twin - K potassium gluconate + potassium citrace liquid
Vita - Plus E vitamin E
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