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Block 5

_______is a checklist used by the public affairs office to verify that web pages do not contain any potentially harmful information and are clear for public release Internet Release Package (IRP)
Before posting any information on a public website the ____ office msut review it Public Affairs (PA)
_____ must validate all links on any web page that is created or maintained and ensure that the information on a site is fresh and relevant Web Page Maintainers
______ is responsible for the entire website and ensure pages comply with established style, content, and security guidelines Web Master
_________ "go to person" for all matters relating to a web servers physical access accounts, maintenance, and administration Web Server Administrator
_______is responsible for the content and security of information posted on private and public pages at base level Wing Administrator
______is the inclusion of FOUO information on an offical website that is accessible to the general public Inappropriate Informaiton
_______ collects ,stores, and disseminates that trusted information that will be exposed as information assets Authoritative Data Sources (ADS)
provides capability for users to discover information based on their own preferred vocabulary and automatically navigates across other users vocabularies to find information relevant to each query Semantic Discovery Capability
__________develops and disseminates policy relating to the management and use of Web Resources AF Chief Information Office (AF-CIO)
______develops a review process for information b/4 posting it on public sites Secretary of AF Office Public Affairs (SAF/PA)
Appropriate officials authorizing personal uses consistent with the requirements of DOD 5500.7-R , Joint Ethics Regulation (JER) is known as what? Appropriate Use
Using the internet for other than official or authorized purposes resulting in adverse administration or disciplinary action is known as what? Inappropriate Use
______ensures guidance to policies are enforced concerning the web Knowledge Operations Management
What SOA component delivers information assets to end users? Content Delivery Services
Shopping online for airline tickets, rental cars, or hotels on are examples of what? Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
ability to create, manage, and track form based information, that automates common business proceses requiring structured data content. Information Management
_______predicting that the performance of micro-processor technology doubles everyy_____ months Gordon Moore/ 18-24 mos.
______is a collection of services or business processes communicating with each other in one central location Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
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