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Ch.4 Vocab p88-94

Vocab on Bone Structure and Bone Tissue

Define stiffness ratio of stress to strain in a loaded material - that is, the stress divided by the relative amount of change in the structure's shape
What is compressive strength? ability to resist pressing or squeezing force
Define tensile strength ability to resist pulling or stretching force
Define porous containing pores or cavities
What is cortical bone? compact mineralized connective tissue with low porosity that is found in the shafts of long bones
What is trabecular bone? less compact mineralized connective tissue with high porosity that is found in the ends of long bones and in the vertebrae
Define strain amount of deformation divided by the original length of the structure or by the original angular orientation of the structure
What is the axial skeleton? the skull, vertebrae, sternum, and ribs
What is the appendicular skeleton? bones composting the body appendages
Define short bones small, cubical skeletal structures, including the carpals and tarsals
Define flat bones skeletal structures that are largely flat in shape - for example, the scapula
What are irregular bones? skeletal structures of irregular shape - for example, the sacrum
What are long bones? skeletal structures consisting of a long shaft with bulbous ends - for example, the femur
Define articular cartilage protective layer of firm, flexible connective tissue over the articulating ends of long bones
What is epiphysis? growth center of a bonee that produces new bone tissue as part of the normal growth process until it closes during adolescence or early adulthood
What is periosteum? double-layered membrane covering bone; muscle tendons attach to the outside layer, and the internal layer is a site of osteoblast activity
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