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Academic Foundations

Cards for VBTC competition on 3/21

How often should you go for a dental check up? Every 6 months.
How much excercise should you have each day? 30 minutes each day.
How much water per day? 8 glasses per day.
How many calories should a woman eat each day? 1940
How many calories should a man intake each day? 2500
How does conflict occurr? When different personalities mix.
What should team memebers avoid? Accusationd and hostility
How do you develope a good interpersonal relationship? Maintain positive attitude, be friendly, assist others, listen to others ideas,respect opinion of others, be open minded, avoid critisizing, learn good communication skills, support and encourage other team members, perform your daily duties.
What is one thing team members must be aware of? The legal limitations on duties that can be perfomed.
What should be the main rule of teamwork? Treat others how you want to be treated.
How are members of a team different? Culture, gender, ages, economic status, lifestyle statuses, beliefs, level of education.
How do you handle conflict? In a positive way.
How many times should you read a label before using a chemical solution/medication? At least 3 times
What muscles are the strongest in the body? The leg muscles.
Always bend where? Hips and knees
Moving and positioning the body to prevent injury is called? Body Mechanincs
The study of promoting saftey by adapting to the environment is? Ergonomics
Trur or False: Health care workers must remain positive in their interactions with team mates? True
What is a good way to respond to constructive critisism? Show appreciation
How do you react to a patient who is terminally ill? By caring about the patient
What refers to the physical space between people? Proximity
What is a benefit of writen communication? It can be researched and edited
What is one piece of clothing that many health occupations require? A uniform that is neat, well fitting, clean, and free from wrinkles
What are examples of verbal communication? Spoken or written words
What are the 13 personal/ professional characeristics and attitudes? Empathy, honesty, dependability, willingness to learn, patience, accecptence of criticism, enthusiasm, self-motivation, tact, competence, responsibility, descretion, team player.7
Which types of notes are written in a specific format so that employees know where to look for info? Soap notes
Which part of a health record includes info about the patients reason for seeking medical help? Cheif complaint
What part of a health recoed includes info about the patients lifestyle? Psychological history
What should occurr at the end of a patioent interaction? Feedback and follow up.
Created by: deshon5657
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