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PCSOM Terms 3

Med Term Block Three

Word prefix, root, or suffixMeaning
intra- within
iso- same, equal
macro- large
mega- large, million(th)
mes- middle
meta- beyond, after
micro- small; million(th)
milli- thousandth
mono- one (single)
neo- new
non- not
oligo- few, scanty
ortho- straight; correct, normal
para- by the side of; near
per- through
-malacia softening
-megaly enlargement
-metric measurement, length
-metry measurement, length
-oid like; in the shape of
-oma tumor
-opia vision, vision condition
-oscopy viewing
-ose signifies a carbohydrate (especially a sugar)
-osis condition, process
-ostomy formation of an opening
-otomy cut
-penia lack
-philic loving
-phobic fearing
-phragm partition
lys- break apart
mal- bad
melan- black
men- month (monthly)
mens- month (monthly)
menstru- month (monthly)
muta- change
my- muscle
myo- muscle
myc- fungus
myel- marrow
nat- birth
natr- sodium
nephr- nephron, kidney
noct- night
nyct- night
ocul- eye
odont- tooth
onco- cancer
ophthalm- eye
orchid- testis
osteo- bone
oto- ear
ov- egg
oo- egg
oxy- oxygen
path- disease
ped- children
phag- eat
pharm- drug
phleb- vein
photo- light
physio- nature (function) of
plex- twisted; woven
pneumo- air, breath
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