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SS C5 Vocab

Flash Cards

colony A settlement ruled by a distant country.
viceroy A person sent by the king to rule a colony
mestizo A child or descendant of a Spanish colonist and a Native American
hacienda A plantation or a large ranch owned by Spanish colonists
mission A settlement of missionaries
presidio A Spanish fort
charter A written agreement giving someone the right to establish a colony
invest To put money into a business in the hoping of earning profit
stock A share or part of a company
indentured servant A person who agreed to work for a certain amount of time for different things
Puritan A Protestant who wanted to change the church of England.
Separatist Puritans who wanted to leave the Church of England
Pilgrim A Puritan who left England to go to a Plymouth colony
missionary Someone who travels to do religious work
pelt An animal skin with fur on it
patroon A person who traded for land from Dutch Colonies
religious persecution Keeping people from worshiping god to the way they think is right
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