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BIOL 1300 Exam 3

BIOL 1300 (Body Systems w/ Lab) Review for Exam #3 Spring 2012

What is the name of the division of the nervous system that exclusively controls skeletal muscles? Somatic Nervous System
Fibers that conduct impulses away from the cell body are _____. Axons
What is not a classification of neurons based on their structure? TBD
Describe the epineurium. A connective tissue around the whole nerve.
Define ganglion. Any collection of nerve cell bodies located outside the CNS
Before the start of the action potential, the neuron membrane is ______. at rest
What happens to a membrane in repolarization? Potassium channels open late in the action potential.
Neurotransmitters bind to specific proteins on the postsynaptic membrane called ________. receptors
Where is cerebrospinal fluid found? Central canal of spinal cord
What is the difference between Schwann cells and oligodendrocytes? TBD
Name the correct order of impulse conduction through a reflex arc (5 items). 1. Receptor 2. Sensory Neuron 3. Interneuron 4. Motor Neuron 4. Effector
Where are cell bodies of sensory neurons found? Dorsal Root Ganglion
What are the names of the two fibers/extensions of the neuron? Dendrites & Axons
What is another name for the Vestibulocochlear nerve? Acoustic Nerve
What is controlled by the hypothalamus? Body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue, sleep, & circadian cycles
What system do the hippocampus and the reticular formation belong to? limbic system
What is the cerebellum? Where is it located? The part of the brain that coordinates movement and balances voluntary muscles. It's located in the rear of the head above the neck.
How does blood drain from the brain? Durmal Sinuses
Name the layer of the meninges that most closely follows the contours of the brain? Pia Mater
How does cerebrospinal fluid flow? From the lateral ventricles to the 3 ventriche via the formina
What is the choroid plexus? Vascular network in each ventricle
What is a fissure? The deep grove that divides the Left and Right brain
Which lobe of the cerebrum lies posterior to the parietal lobe and extends over the cerebellum? Occipital lobe
Where is the visual area of the cortex located? Anterior to the receiving cortex
What happens in a patient with an injury in the Broca's area? difficulty forming words
What connects the midbrain and the medulla oblongata? The pons
What is an intrinsic muscle of the eye? Superior rectus
An epidural hematoma results in bleeding into the space between which two areas of the head? Dura Mater & Skull
What hormone opposes the effect of the parathyroid hormone? Calcitonin
The phrenic nerve arises from which plexus? Cervical Plexus
Name the cranial nerve that supplies motor impulses to the tongue. Hypoglossal
What is the receptor for hearing? cochle
The fronal and parietal lobes are separated by what/ Central Sulcus
What is not a product of the adrenal gland? TBD
What neurotransmitter is released at the neuromuscular junction during a reflex? Acetylcholine
_________ is a general sense. Proprioception
What area of the tongue is particularly sensitive to sweet tastes? Tip of tongue
What is the middle, pigmented layer of the eye called? Choroid/iris
Another word for the blind spot is __________. optic disk
What is the point of sharpest vision called? Fovea Centralis
Where are tears produced? lacrimal glands
The receptors for vision are the ____ and _____. rods and cones
What is rhodopsin? Rod Pigment
What nerve that governs most of the extrinsic eye muscles? Olculomotor nerve
What is the function of the maculae? TBD
What is the scientific name for the eardrum? Tympanic membrane
What gland secretes earwax? Ceriminous glands
What are the receptors for pain? TBD
Where is the thyroid gland located? in the neck
The islets of Langerhans are found in the TBD
The adrenal cortex produces _______. cortisol
____________ is a gonadotropic hormone. LH (luetinizing hormone)
Name the gland that produces calcitonin. Thyroid
The ossicle of the ear that is in contact with the tympanic membrane is the what? Malleus
What causes myxedema in an adult? Thyroxine
The arachnoid villi are not associated with what? TBD
What is an atrial natriuretic peptide? TBD
True or False: A neuron is not an example of a neuroglial cell True
A hereditary disorder that prevents normal vibration of the stapes is called? TBD
What type of neurons conduct impulses to the spinal cord and brain? Sensory Neurons
Sciatica reflects neuritis in a nerve from the lumbosacral plexus
The sympathetic motor neurons originate from cell bodes in the ______ and _____ regios of the spinal cord. Thoracic & Lumbar
Describe diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Body is attacking myelin sheath
In the ____________, one would find vital centers that regulate respiration and the heart. Medulla Oblongata
What characteristics do you notice if viewing part of the cerebellum under a microscope? That the structure contains an outer layer of gray matter & an inner layer of white matter (shaped like a tree).
What nerve controls movement of the eye? Occulomoter nerve, abducens
What cranial nerve is concerned with the sense of smell? Olfactory nerve
What would cause multi-infarct dementia? Seizures & strokes
Describe glaucoma. Vague visual disturbances which are caused by excess pressure of the acqueous humor?
______ is a special sense. Taste
Pain resulting from an unprovoked poke of the eye will be transmitted along which cranial nerve? Opthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve
Deficiency in Vitamin A can result in _________________. poor night vision
Diabetes insipidus can result from a lack of ADH (Antidiuretic Hormone)
What is prostaglandin? Local hormones produced by most body tissue
The suffix -poiesis means _______. making, forming
What is the best treatment for anaphylaxis? Epinephrine (adrenaline)
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