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Intensifying Screens

Ch. 22

Purpose of intensifying screens is to ______ the beam. amplify
An intensifying screen will ______ pt dose by converting x-ray photons into ______ photons. reduce; light
____ percent of light photons is included in the latent image, while ____ percent is x-ray photons. 99; 1
_______ emissions is a process in which x-ray photons are converted into ____ ____ and creates a luminescence. Isotropic; light photons
Name the four basic components of the intensifying screens. Base Reflective Layer Phosphor Protective Coating
The phosphor layer is also know as the_________. active layer
As conversion efficiency ______ radiation dose to the patient will _______. increases; decreases
_____ _____ is the ability of the phosphor to emit as much light per x-ray photon interaction as possible is a measurement of the screen SPEED. conversion efficiency
A higher Z# will have what two interactions? photoelectric and Compton.
It is important that the spectral emission match the ______ of the film. (blue & blue) sensitivity
______ is the ability of a material to emit light in response to excitation. Luminescence
______ and ______ are the two types of luminescence. Fluorescence; phosphorescence
Fluorescence is _____ emission while phosphorescence is _____ emission. instantaneous; delayed
Delayed emission is sometimes called ____ ____ or _____. screen lag; afterglow
Spectral emission is a precise ______. wavelength
The base on an intensifying screen is ____ & _____. tough; flexible
What does the reflective layer do? It reflects light towards the film
The protective coating protects the phosphor layer against _____. abrasions/fingernails
Conversion efficiency means the more light will result in more ___, ____, & _____. exposure; speed; density
The two phosphors used are ____ _____ and ____ _____. Calcium tungstate; rare earths.
Resolution is measured in _____ per mm. line pairs
Resolution has a _____ relation between size of phosphors. inverse
Large phosphors = _____ resolution less
Poor film/screen contact = _____ in image density. decrease
How do we get rid of quantum mottle? increase mAs
Quantum mottle appears _____ on a radiograph grainy
What happens when a phosphor is struck by an x-ray photon? Isotropic emission
What is the lifespan of phosphors? 5-7 years
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