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SAT Word Power List #21

marshal VERB/NOUN assemble together with purpose of doing something; also an officer in the police/military. Verb: The defense team MARSHALED its arguments before presenting them to the jury. Noun: The MARSHAL got a posse together to capture Billy the kid.
martyr NOUN (MAHR tur) someone willing to sacrifice and even give his/her life for a cause; also one who pretends suffering to gain sympathy
masticate VERB (MAS tuh kayt) to chew
melancholy NOUN (MEL un kahl ee) depression of spirits; gloomy; weary
menagerie NOUN (muh NAJ uh ree) a collection of live wild animals on exhibit
migratory ADJECTIVE (MY gruh tor ee) roving, wandering, nomadic
milieu NOUN (meel YOO) environment or surroundings
mirage NOUN (muh RAJ) unreal reflection; an optical illusion
misanthropy NOUN (mis AN thruh pee) someone who hates mankind
misnomer NOUN (mis NOH mur) an incorrect or inappropriate name
Name is Mud IDIOM (1800s) the person is in trouble, possibly doomed and worthless. "Everyone knows that it was Joseph who started the fight during the game. Now that we're disqualified, his name is mud."
Necessity is the Mother of Invention IDIOM (1672) inventiveness or creativity is stimulated by need or difficulty. "He created shoes with stilts so he could reach the ceiling. Necessity is the mother of invention."
Need Something like a Hole in the Head IDIOM (1940s) to have no need for something at all. "Conchita needed a battery-operated, revolving-head spaghetti fork like she needed a hole in the head."
Needle in a Haystack IDIOM (1500s) something hard or impossible to find; anything hopeless (in a search). "Looking for your contact lens in this shaggy rug will be like looking for a needle in a haystack."
Nickel-and-Dime IDIOM (20th Century) unimportant, small-time, trivial, petty. "He said he worked for a big corporation, but it was really only a nickel-and-dime company
Nitty-Gritty IDIOM (20th Century) the specific heart of the matter; the practical details; the fundamental core of something. "When you write your report, stick to the nitty-gritty."
Created by: JWeston


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