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Gilhool Vikings

4 main groups of Vikings Ostrogoths / Huns / Visigoths / Vandals
Homeland of the Vikings Scandanavia
Scandanavia is made up of these 5 countries Denmark / Norway / Finland / Iceland / Sweden
Narrow Bays that can be traveled through by boats fjords / fiords
2 most popular jobs for the Vikings? farmers / fishing
Main job by viking women weaving
Vikings were highly skilled in _____________ & __________ woodworking / blacksmith
Viking alphabet runes
Vikings stole from __________ for more precious items. churches or monasteries
Viking warriors berserkers
Viking who discovered Greenland Eric the Red
Viking who found Newfoundland & Norht America Leif Erickson
Names for some Viking ships "Snake of the Sea" / Raven of the Wind / Lion of the Waves
Another name for a Viking ship Longship
Another name for a Viking home sod home
Created by: gilhool