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what is on a deuces classic burger? cheddar or american cheese, boston bib lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles
What condiment is served with the Rosemary sea salt fries? garlic aioli
What brand of beef are Deuces hamburger patties? Niman Ranch Grass-fed anitbiotic and hormone free 8 oz beef patty
What type of bun do our burgers come on? local artisanal Kummelweck bun
Name cheeses on the La Bomba and Shroomed Burgers. chihuahua cheese and fontina cheese.
Name the 6 ingredients on the market salad and the dressing. Boston bibb lettuce, orange segments, avocado,tomato, hearts of palm, toasted hazelnuts, shallot vinaigrette
Which appetizers are smoked? house smoked Long Island duck, chihuahua and manchego cheeses, peach pico de gallo, chipotle crème fraîche
Which burger is vegetarian? FAUX'-LAFEL
What is the suds and sliders special and how much is it? A flight of four 5-oz crafted beers served with four of our classic Mini Deuces. $13
How many ounces is the beef patty we use? 8 oz
All burgers are cooked______unless otherwise specified. medium
What proteins are offered on the nachos? chicken $2, smoked duck $2, steak $3, pulled pork $3
What the difference between a croque-madame and croque-monsieur? a fried egg on the madame
Name one of the two house BBQ sauces Magners Cider BBQ and Guinness BBQ sauce
Which cheese comes on the wedge salad? crumbled bleu cheese
draft beers Goose Island 312, Goose Island Green Line, Guinness, Hacker Pschorr, Blue Moon, New Nelgium Fat Tire, Lagunitas “little Sumpin, Sumpin”, Trummer Pils, Stone IPA
Created by: ggmg