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BIO202 - Ch 16 - Thyroid Gland - Marieb/Hoehn - RioSalado - AZ

What is often referred to as body's major metabolic hormone? TH - thyroid hormone
__ affects virtually every cell in the body. TH - by stimulating a calorigenic effect
T1,T2, T3, & T4 differ from each other in what way? The number of iodine attached to tyrosine.
Most T3 is generated in __. Peripheral tissues
The inital response to TSH bonding is __. Secretion of thyroid hormone.
What is synthesized to "restock" follicle lumen? Colloid
Why is thyroid gland unique? Ability to store its hormone extracellularly & in large quantities.
Most released T4 & T3 immediately bind to __. TBGs (thyroxine-binding globulins) - transport proteins produced by liver.
TH enters target cell & binds to __. intracellular receptors in nucleus - initiates mRNA transcription.
Hypothyroid syndrome is called __. myxedema
What are the symptoms of myxedema? Low metabolic rate, edema, lethargy & mental sluggishness
Endemic goiter caused by? Enlarged thyroid due to lack of iodine. Follicle cells produce colloid but cannot iodinate it.
Hypothyroidism in children in called __. Cretinism - developmental abnormalities & mental retardation.
What is Graves' disease? Hyperthyroid - autoimmune disease - protrusion of eyeballs & elevated metabolic rate.
Calcitonin is? Hormone produced by parafollicular (C) cells of thyroid gland - lowers blood Ca2+
What effect does calcitonin have? Lower blood Ca2+ levels - targets skeleton & inhibits osteoclast activity
Created by: Ladystorm