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Muscle Actions AP103

GRCC AP 103 Muscle practical actions and muscles

raise eyebrows, wrinkle forehead frontalis
compress and purse lips orbicularis oris
closes eye orbicularis oculi
compress cheek buccinator
elevate mandible masseter
elevate mandible temporalis
neck flexion, lateral flexion sternocleidomastoid
neck extension splenius capitis
trunk flexion rectus abdominis
trunk flexion, lateral flexion, compress abdomen external obliques
compress abdomen transversus abdominis
elevate ribs external intercostals
depress ribs internal intercostals
change thoracic volume diaphragm
elevate, retract, depress scapula trapezius
protract scapula serratus anterior
abducts humerus deltoid
abducts humerus supraspinatus
laterally rotates humerus teres minor
adducts and medially rotates humerus teres major
extends, adducts and medially rotates humerus latissimus dorsi
flexes, adducts and medially rotates humerus pectoralis major
flexes and supinates forearm biceps brachii
flexes forearm brachioradialis
extends forearm triceps brachii
pronates forearm pronator teres
wrist flexion flexor carpi ulnaris
wrist flexion flexor carpi radialis
wrist extension extensor carpi ulnaris
wrist extension extensor carpi radialis
finger flexion flexor digitorum
finger extension extensor digitorum
extension of femur gluteus maximus
abduction of femur gluteus medius
abduction and flexion of femur tensor fasciae latae
flexion of femur iliopsoas
adduction of femur adductor magnus
knee extension rectus femoris
knee extension vastus lateralis
knee extension vastus medialis
knee flexion biceps femoris
cross leg flexion sartorius
plantar flexion gastrocnemius
plantar flexion soleus
foot eversion peroneus, fibularis
dorsiflexion, inversion tibialis anterior
flexion of toes 2-5 flexor digitorum longus
flexion of great toe flexor hallucis longus
extension of toes 2-5 extensor digitorum longus
extension of great toe extensor hallucis longus
Created by: getbackwards