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Russia and Neighbori

The country we now call Russia was once called the Soviet Union, short for its official name The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
How many republics were there in the USSR? 15
What is the CIS? Commonwealth of Independent States- former 12 Soviet republics
This region is the world’s largest in terms of --- but it is the least --- of all the regions. land area, populated
What does continentality mean? Extreme cold in winter, and extreme hot in summer such as in E. Siberia
The steppe grasslands grow on fertile --- that are similar to the soils of the North American ---. black soils, prairies
What is taiga? In north/east and colder climate are hardy evergreens, northern coniferous forests
The taiga forms the world’s --- forest area. It absorbs -- as much carbon dioxide as the --- forest. largest, 1/3, tropical rain
What three ethnic groups make up the Eastern Slavs? Pols, Lithuanians, and Austrians
-- of Belarus’s are Roman Catholic, meaning that -- are what religion? 20%,80%, Christian
the Ukrainians --- and --- Russia. dislike, fear
Russians account for -- of the Ukraine’s population, living primarily in the ---east of the country. 22%, industrial
What is the difference between Georgian Christianity and Armenian Christianity? Armenians have their own independent and unique Armenian Apostolic Church, Georgia practices Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Islam was introduced to --- in the -- and -- . Azerbaijan, 600s, 700s
How is the Islam of Azerbaijan different? Influenced by Soviet secular policies, they drink wine and women are not veiled or segregated, use Latin alphabet
Central Asians
The --- are different from the other four Central Asian ethnic groups in that their language is based on--- Tajiks, Persian
The four other ethnicities of Central Asia are related to the Turks
The population of the Slavic and southern Caucasus regions are experiencing dramatic --- while the populations of Central Asia are showing great --- decline, incline
Russia will lose -- people by 2025 and central Asia will gain -- 12.6m, 12.7m
In Russia Higher densities continue eastward along the Trans-Siberian Railway
Twenty-five million Russians, or -- of the Russian population of the Soviet Union, live in the --- What does that phrase mean? 17%,“Near Abroad.”, Scattered ethnic Russians moved (some forcefully) to other Republics in effort to maintain control of such vast area. Then after the Republic’s independence in ’91 many Russians found themselves outside their designated countries.
In the Crimea, Russians account for -- of the population. 90%
northern --- is also dominated by Russians. What percent of this country is Russian? Kazakhstan, 37%
In Central Asia, the cities lie along ancient and medieval--- trade routes
By the 1990s, -- of the population was urbanized. 70%
One of the major trends since the breakup of the Soviet Union is the building of --- suburbs
Unlike the European empires, the Russian Empire conquered peoples and land to --- it, extending is borders as it --- new territories. adjacent, annexed
The Russian Empire traces its roots back to the principality of --- which began to expand in the --- . What does “principality” mean? Muscovy,1400’s, Territory ruled by prince or royal family
The word “czar” derives from what Latin word? Caesar- emperor
The Romanov dynasty lasted a little over -- years. 300
What does “Russification” mean? Forced minorities to be more “Russian” through suppression
The Russian Revolution wasn’t one event. It began when revolutionaries deposed Czar Nicholas II and set up a --- provisional government
After civil war In --, Vladimir I. --- emerged as the leader and he oversaw the founding of the ---. 1922, Lenin, USSR
What does “soviet” mean? Workers’ and soldiers’ councils that drew members from the commons
In 1939, Stalin entered into a pact with --- which allowed the Soviet Union to take control of the ---, ---, and ---. Only Finland was able to fight off the Soviets. Hitler, Baltic states, eastern Poland, Bessarabia
Gorbachev put two reforms into place. Glasnost and Perestroika
Glasnost enlightened the Soviet’s corruption and enraged non and Russian citizens which caused politicians to turn against central gov.
Perestroika free economics went against communist ideals and bureaucrats fought Gorbachev , political turmoil and reversed economy, companies could not survive in competitive market.
What was the first country to declare independence from the Soviet Union? Lithuania
Stalin developed the idea of the --- five-year plan
What does “command economy” mean? Gov. set quotas favoring heavy industry over light goods
What does “central planning” mean? Gov. decided production and output
By the end of the -- the Soviet Union had caught up only to the West of the -- 1950’s, 1920’s
The --- accounted for a large portion of the country’s economy. military
What other disruptions developed under perestroika? Poor financial system, labor strikes, widespread unemployment, and rampant crime.
Today, eastern Ukraine’s industries depend on --- and --- imports from the Russian Federation to meet -- of their needs. oil, gas, 85%
Even though the newly independent countries can find new global markets for their products, the --- leads to Russia. transportation network
What was the purpose of the Virgin Lands Campaign? To make the S.U. self-sufficient and independent of the global economy
How did it work? Promoted farming in places never farmed, however with poor soil, not enough water or heat. Increased irrigation but failed and caused huge water problems
Under ---, private property accounted for -- of agricultural land, but they accounted for -- of agricultural production. collectivization, 3%, 25%
Russia is now a major exporter of --- wheat
The Slavic Countries
True or False, Like Central Asia, the other Slavic states were never independent countries before they were absorbed in the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union. True
The Russian Federation has -- political units. 89
In the Moscow region, live -- people. 50 million
The Volga River is lined by a series of --- that use the river for ---, connected by a --- outlet to the Black Sea. industrial cities, transport, canal
About -- people live in the Volga River region. 25 mill
Siberia makes up -- of Russia’s land. 3/4
The Southern Caucasus
What does Transcaucasia mean? “across the Caucasus” Russian ethnocentric view meaning on the other side of the Caucuses from Russia and were once Russian colonies
What is the political difference between Southern Caucasus and Northern Caucasus? South- former Soviet republics, struggle with political and economic existence damaged by ethnic conflicts. North- is the Caucasus portion of Russia.
Zoroastrianism developed in ---, an area where the land is --- and easily --- Azerbaijan, oil-soaked, burned
Because of their climates, these regions can produce what kind of agricultural crops? Fruits (grapes), tobacco, cotton, and rice
What infrastructure development is helping Azerbaijan establish its economic independence from Russia? Recently opened oil pipeline to Turkish port Ceyhan
What was the Armenian genocide? The Ottoman gov. massacred 300,000 Armenians in 1895 and again in 1915 during WWI up to 2 mil Armenians were killed. The Ottomans claimed they were a threat to their borders.
Why do the Armenians claim part of Azerbaijan? Under Soviet rule, an autonomous region was created in Azerbaijan that was about 95% Armenian, those numbers dwindled to 76% by 1979 and they blamed the Azerbaijan gov. for suppression of their lang. and culture.
Central Asia’s five countries were once part of a land called--- Turkestan
What is the dominant country of Central Asia? Uzbekistan
What factors created the great Islamic cities of Samarkand and Bukhara in a region that is landlocked and bordered by mountains and deserts? They straddle the Great Silk Road, connected by E and W
What two countries of this subregion have had serious tensions over water resources? Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan
Created by: 1814243482
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