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SAT Word Power List#9

couture Noun (kuh TOUR) fashion designs; clothes created by fashion designers
cower verb (KOW ur) to cringe in fear; to shrink away
cranny NOUN (KRAN ee) a small opening as in a wall or rock face
craven ADJECTIVE (KRAY ven) lacking the least bit of courage; cowardly
creditor NOUN (KRED ih ter) a person or entity to whom money is owed
criterion NOUN (kry TEER ee un) a standard or rule by which something can be judged; a basis for judgment
cubism NOUN (KYOO biz um) a style of art in which the subject matter is portrayed by geometric forms, especially cubes
curtail VERB (kur TALE) to truncate or abridge; to lessen, usually by cutting away from
curvilinear ADJECTIVE (kurv ah LIN ee ur) formed, bound, or characterized by curved lines
damper NOUN (DAM pur) one that depresses or restrains; a dulling or deadening influence
Keep a Stiff Upper Lip IDIOM (1800s) to be brave and not show emotion in a time of trouble
Keep a Straight Face IDIOM (recent) to keep from laughing
Keep Body and Soul Together IDIOM (18th Century) to keep alive; to have just enough to survive
Keep Somthing under Your Hat IDIOM (Late 1800s) to keep something secret
Keep the Wolf from the Door IDIOM (16th Century) to keep from suffering poverty or starvation
Keep Up with the Joneses IDIOM (1913 comic strip) to try to keep up with what your neighbors have socially and financially; to work hard to have possessions as good as your neighbors
Created by: JWeston


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