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Top 100 SAT Words

According to Princeton Review- Most frequently used words on SAT

a mystery; hard to understand or explain enigma
to show disrespect or to deface something sacred desecrate
lack of emotion or interest apathy
having no preference indifferent
to worship; to honor revere
frankness; honesty candor
cunning; deceitfulness guile
restrained; uncommunicative reticent
unchanging; permanent immutable
concerning art or beauty aesthetic
unchanging; not moving static
self-rule; independence autonomy
a strongold; a fort bastion
contempt disdain
kindly; good-natured benign
harmless; insignificant innocuous
gullible; ready to believe without proof credulous
commonplace; dull; ordinary banal
to speak poorly of disparage
unclear; undecided ambiguous
odd; out of the ordinary; quirky eccentric
lack of government; chaos anarchy
someone who benefits mankind philanthropist
to improve ameliorate
to waste squander
to waste away from lack of use atrophy
harmful virulent
to make changes; to modernize innovate
enthusiasm zeal
sharpness of perception or mind acuity
to praise extol
friendly; agreeable affable
to add to; increase augment
to reduce pain assuage
kindly; to wish well benevolent
greed avarice
contempt; ridicule derision
lack of agreement or harmony dissonance
inequality disparity
without energy or enthusiasm listless
glaringly wrong; conspicuously faulty flagrant
one who lacks culture or taste philistine
laziness indolence
concerned; conscientious; proper scrupulous
to give in; agree acquiesce
not final; uncertain tentative
extravafant; wasteful prodigal
adoration adulation
whimsical; unpredictable capricious
stubbornly opinionated dogmatic
commonplace; uninspired; dull prosaic
hopeless; without effore futile
severe; strict austere
slow and listless languid
smug; self-satisfied complacent
religious; devout pious
conforming to a requesto or demand compliance
weighty; heavy ponderous
doubtful dubious
drawn out; lengthy protracted
short-lived; fleeting ephemeral
a show of respect deference
unavoidable; bound to happen inevitable
someone who goes against acceptable religious beliefs heretic
bland; boring insipid
unclear; clouded; partially hidden obscure
scarcity paucity
corruption; wickedness depravity
very abundant; flowing profuse
to distinguish one thing from another discern
to sooth anger conciliate
to quicken expedite
thoroughly sorry contrite
on the edge; unimportant peripheral
intending to teach didactic
quiet; uncommunicative; silent taciturn
shy; lacking confidence diffident
fearful; worried apprehensive
straying from a topic digression
adventageous; convenient expedient
disagreement dissent
finicky; overly critical fastidious
to explain; to make clear elucidate
new; interesting novel
overly trusting gullible
stinginess parsimony
a self-important walk strut
narrow-minded; unsophisticated provincial
to speak against publicaly denounce
a break; a rest respite
to praise laud
a bried, humorous story anecdote
secret surreptitious
to talk on and on in a dull way drone
celever; shrewd; ready-witted astute
commonplace; ordinary pedestrian
irreverent talk about God blasphemy
severly criticize; blame censure
non-stop incessant
without indulge or luxuries ascetic
Created by: sportssweetie13
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