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Rapid Review


RTA (renal tubular acidosis) a/w abnl H secretion and nephrolithiasis type 1 (distal) RTA
RTA a/w abnl HCO3 and rickets type 2 (proximal) RTA
RTA a/w aldosterone defect type 4 (distal) RTA
"doughy skin" hypernatremia
DD of hypervolemic hyponatremia cirrhosis, CHF, nephritic syndrome
chvostek's and trousseau's sign hypocalcemia
[mc] cause of hypercalcemia malignancy and hyperpara
t-wave flattening and U waves hypokalemia
peeked T wavers and widened QRS hyperkalemia
first line tx for moderate hypercalcemia IV hydration and loops
type of ARF in pt w/ FeNa <1% prerenal
49 yo male presents w/ acute-onset flank pain and hematuria nephrolithiasis
[mc] type of nephrolithiasis calcium oxalate
20 yo man presents w/ a palpable flank mass and hematuria. US shows bilat enlarged kidneys w/ cysts. assoicated brain anomaly? cerebral berry aneurysm (AD PCKD)
hematuria, HTN, oliguria nephritic syndrome
proteinuria, hypoalbunemia, hyperlipidemia, hyperlipiduria, edema nephrotic sydrome
[mc] form of nephritic syndrome membranous glomerulonephritis
[mc] form of glomerulonephritis IgA nephropathy (Berger's dz)
glomerulonephritis w/ deafness Alports syndrome
glomerulonephritis w/ hemoptysis wegener's granulomatosis and goodpasture's sydrome
presence of red cell casts in urine sediment glomerulonephritis/nephritic syndrome
eosinophils in urine sediment allergic intersitial nephritis
waxy casts in urine sediment and maltese crosses (seen w/ lipiduria) nephrotic syndrome
drowsiness, asterixis, nausea, pericardial friction rub uremic syndrome seen in pts w/ renal failure
55 yo man is diagnosed w/ prostate CA. tx? wait, surgical resection, radiation and/or androgen suppression
low urine specific gravity in the presence of high serum osmolality DI
tx of SIADH fluid restriction, demeclocycline
hematuria, flank pain and palpable flank mass renal cell CA
testicular CA a/w beta-hCG and AFP choriocarcinoma
[mc] type of testicular CA seminoma- atype of germ cell tumor
[mc] histology of bladder CA transitional cell CA
complication of overly raid correction of hyponatremia central pontine myelinolysis
salicylate ingestion --> in what type of acid-base disorder anion gap acidosis and 1 resp alkalosis d/t central resp stimulation
acid-base disturbance commonly seen in pregnant women resp alkalosis
three systemic dz --> nephrotic syndrome DM, SLE, amyloidosis
elevated erythropoietin levle, elevated hematocrite, and nl O2 sat suggest? RCC or other erythropoietin-producing tumor; evaluate w/ CT scan
55 yo man presents w/ irritative and obstructive urinary symptoms, tx? likely BPH, options include no TX, terazosin, finasteride or surgical intervention (TURP)
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