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term mod3510

Arteriosclerosis hardening and narrowing of the arteries do to build up of colesterol plaque
Endoscopy the visual examination of the interior of a body cavity or organ by means of an endo scope
Gastralgia pain in the stomach
Postnatal refers to the time and events after birth
Diarrhea the frequent flowof loose or watery stools
Pyrosis heart burn
Neurologist specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the nervous system
Epigastric pertaining to above the stomach
Anthorplasty sergical repair of a damaged joint
Myorrhaphy sergical suturing of a muscle wound
Hepatitits inflamation of the liver
Nuerorrhexis rupture of a nurve
Hypertension high blood pressure
Cardiology study of the heart
Hypogastric below the stomach abdomine region
Appendectomy surgical removal of the appendix
Rhinorrhea discharge from the nose
Melanosis any condition of unusual deposits of black pigments in differnt parts of the body
Leukocytes white blood cells
Tonsillitis inflamation of the tonsills
Hemorrahage loss of a lage amount of blood in a short peroid of time
Ateriostenosis abnormal narrowing of an artery
Gerotologist specializing and diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders due to age
Enteroscopy visual examination of the small intestine
Pericardium the tissue surrounding the heart
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