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Gov chap 5 quiz

Quiz cases

School District of Abington Township, Pennsylvania v. Schemmp a 1963 Supreme Court decision holding that a Pennsylvania law requiring Bible reading in schools violated the establishment clause of the First amendment
Guinn v. United States the grandfather clause was ruled unconstitutional in 1915
Regents of the University of California v. Bakke A 1978 Supreme Court decision holding that a state university could not admit less qualified individuals solely because of their race
Shaw v. Hunt voided three convoluted districts in Texas and one in North Carolina on the grounds that race had been the primary reason for abandoning compact district lines and that the state legislatures had crossed the line into unconstitutional racial gerrymanderin
Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenberg County Schools The court upheld but did not require that the busing of students to achieve racially balanced schools is allowed
Plessy v. Ferguson An 1896 Supreme Court decision that provided a constitutional justification for segregation by ruling that a Louisiana law requiring “equal but separate accommodations for the White and colored races” was constitutional
Brown v. Board of Education 1954 Supreme Court decision holding that school segregation in Topeka, Kans., was inherently unconstitutional because it violated the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection. This case marked the end of legal segregation in the United States
Faragher v. City of Boca Raton The court made it clear that employers are responsible for preventing and eliminating harassment at work
Reed v. Reed The landmark case in 1971 in which the Supreme Court for the first time upheld a claim of gender discrimination
Stanton v. Stanton set a higher age for reaching legal adult status for men than for women
Craig v. Boren In this 1976 ruling, the Supreme Court established the “medium scrutiny” standard for determining gender discrimination
Dothard v. Rawlinson in 1977, it voided laws and rules barring women from jobs through arbitrary hight and weight discrimination
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