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Block 4

manages the records program within their command/agenct as specified in Federal Laws, National Archives, Records Administration guidelines Command Records Manager and Agency Records Manager
serves as a point of contact for and monitors the Records Management program in their unit or functional area and serves as a liasion with Base RM. Functional Area Records Manager (FARM)
who identifies discovery metada elements for resources posted community and organizational shared spaces Department of Defense Discovery Metada Specification
appoint a command records manager (CRM) MAJCOM
maintains, services, and disposes of the records in the office Records Custodian (RC)
all books, papers, maps, made or recieved by any agency of the US gov under federal laws. Official Records
to administrer the program, represent the secretary of the AF on records managagement issues and oversee the legal requirements of records disposition Air Force Records Manager (AFRO)
administers the installation Records Management Program Base Records Manager
must appoint an Agency Records Manager Field Operating Agency (FOA)
The ________________ appoints the Records Custodian COR
Who ensures that the records custodian attends records management training COR
Responsible for physical and legal custody of all records the office creates or recieves COR
oversees the AF records management program Air Force Director Communicaiton Operations (HQ USAF/ILC)
What program required by all Air Force Records Managers and provides the tools records AFRIMS
who provides assistance, manages the staging area, and training Base Records Manager
privacy is a personal and fundamental right of all it living US citizens and is protected by the constitution of the US Privacy Act
esstential to the continued operation or reconstruction of an organization during and after an emergency Vital Records
stores, protects, and maintains rights and interest vital records for agencies desiring more permanant storage and their vital records National Archives (NARA)
The RM trains all personnel within the 3 months of assignemtn whose duties include filing, maintaining and disposing of official records. Training
was the act congress pass to protect individuals from unwarranted invasion of their personal privacy Privacy Act of 1974
Define the acronym CAST comment, author, subject, title
label used for government documents that are only to be utilized in an official capacity to conduct gov business. FOUO
reviews and signs the Files Maintenance and Disposition Plan to include identification of vital records COR
records professionalism will prepare a _________________ for each group of Records from the shared drive or move to offline or disk storage. Standard Form 135
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