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EHR2 Ch1

SPSONSI Electronic Health Records -- Chapter 1

EHR Electronic Health Record - most commonly accepted term for software with a full range of functionalities to store, access and use patient medical information electronically.
Point of Care The time and place of care being given to the patient from the health care provider.
Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota - The first clinic to utilize an electronic medical record system.
LAN Local Area Network - a wired or wireless connection of CLIENT computers that communicate together and utilize a main SERVER for the database.
Intranet privately maintained computer network that provides secure accessibility to authorized persons enabling the sharing of software, database and files.
ASP Application Server Provider - enables a doctor's office to access an EHR via the internet; the EHR software and database are housed and maintained by a separate company in a remote location.
EMR Electronic Medical Record - software that does not have a full range of higher-end functionalities to store, access, and use patient medical information such as: health maintenance, disease mgmt., care alerts, CCR or interconnectivity outside the office.
CPR Computer-Based Patient Record - one of the first terms used to conceptualize the idea of an EHR. A lifetime patient record from all specialties (including dentistry and psychiatry)
EPR Electronic Patient Record - Similar to a CPR, but does not contain a patient's lifetime record and does not include dental, behavioral, or alternative care.
CCR Continuity of Care Record - is a core set of provider-oriented health data reflecting he most relevant and timely facts about a patient's health care. It is vendor and technology neutral.
PHR Personal Health Record - allows the patient to store and update personal medical information, as well as make inquiries to their doctor about prescriptions, appointments and concerns. Can be accessed on the internet to the practice website.
Ambulatory EHR An EHR used in a physician's office, NOT in an inpatient setting.
ROI Return on Investment - The measure, expressed in percentage, of the amount that is earned on a company's total purchase or investment.
IOM Institute of Medicine - defined the EHR, determined 8 core functions or features of an EHR, gives advice about government policies that affect human health.
E&M Evaluation and Management - five (5) digit Current Procedural Terminology, or CPT codes used by a physician to report services with a patient.
ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - Signed into law by President Obama in 2009. ARRA provided $787 billion to accelerate the nation's economic recovery (infrastructure, unemployment, transportation, education and health care).
HITECH Act Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act - a stimulus package that included $19 billion to aid in the development of a health-care infrastructure and to assist providers in adopting and using EHRs with "meaningful use".
CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - pays out HITECH money incentives ($19 billion) from the ARRA program ($797 billion) to providers showing their EHR demonstrates "meaningful use".
Created by: lsoto