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ECG finding for a. flutter sawtooth p waves
unstable angina angina is new, is worsening, or occurs at rest
antihypertensive for diabetic w/ proteinuria ACEI
beck's triad for cardiac tamponade hypotension, distant heart sounds, and JVD
drugs that slow AV node transmission b-blockers, digoxin, CCB
hypercholesterolemia tx that leads to flushing and pruritis Niacin
tx for a. fib anticoag, rate control, cardioverstion
tx for v.fib immediate cardioversion
AI complication occuring 2-4wks post MI Dressler's syndrome: fever, pericarditis, inc ESR
IV drug use w/ JVD, holosystolic murmur at the L sternal boarder. Tx? treat existing heart failure and replace tricuspid valve
diagnosis for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy echo
fall in systolic BP of >10mmHg w/ inspiration pulses paradoxus --> cardiac tamponade
ECG finding in pericarditis low-voltage, diffuse ST seg elevation
define HTN BP >140/90 on 3 separate occasions, 2wks apart
8 surgical correctable causes of HTN renal art stenosis, coar of aorta, pheochromocytoma, Conn's syndrome, cushings, uliat renal parenchymal dz, hyperthyroid, hyperpara
eval of pulsatile abd mass US and CT
indications for surgical repair of abd aortic aneursym >5.5cm, rapidly enlarging, symtpomatic or ruptured
tx for acute coronary syndrome morphine, O2, sublingual nitro, ASA, IV b-blocker, heparin
Metabolic Syndrome abd obesity, high triglycerides, low HDL, HTN, insulin resistance, PT or proinflammatory states
50yr male w/ angina can exercise to 85% of maximum predicted heart rate? exercise stress test w/ ECG
target LDL for diabetic pt <70
signs of active ischemia during stress testing angina, ST seg changes, dec BP
ECF findings suggesting MI st seg elevation, flattened T waves, Q waves
young pt has angina at rest w/ st segment elevation. cardiac enzyme nl prinzmetal's angina
common symptoms a/w silent MI CHF, shock, AMS
diagnostic test for PE V/Q scan
agent that reverses the effect of heparin protamine
coag parameter affected by warfarin PT
young pt w/ FHx of sudden death collapses and dies while exercising hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
endocarditis prophylaxis regimens oral surgery -amoxicillin; GI/GU - amp and gent
6 Ps of ischemia d/t peripheral vascular dz Pian, pallor, pulselessness, paralysis, paresthesia, poiklothermia
virchow's triad stasis, hypercoag, endo damage
mc cause of HTN in young women OCPs
mc cause of HTN in young men excessive EtOH
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