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Germany: The Nazi seizure of power

How did Chancellor Heinrich Bruning rule? By emergency decree
The unemployment rate dropped for 2,258,000 in 1930 to what in 1932? 6,000,000
How many members did the storm troopers have in 1933 thanks to unemployment? one million
Who replaced bruning? Conservative Franz von Papen
what did Papen do in attempt to gain Nazi support? Convince them that they could not gain power on their own and allowed them to rally
In November 1932, chancellor Kurt von Schleicher tried to woth with other Nazi leaders but ended up ____________ Hitler. Strengthening
January 30, 1933 Hitler becomes chancellor
Febuary 27, 1933 Reichstag building set on fire; claimed communist attack
March 23, 1933 the Endabling Act allowed hitler to do what? rule by decree making the constituion worthless
by July 14, 1933 who was the only legal political group? The Nazi's
On june 30, 1933, Hitler did what? Had some SA officers killed including Roehm and Kurt von Schleicher
The SS security units were led by: Heinrich Himmler
In 1935 these new laws made jews no longer citizens in Germany. Nuremberg Laws
November 9/10 of 1938, what event occured? Kristallnacht or crystal knight
What happened during this event? Jewish stores and synagogues were burned and destroyed. Jews were expected to pay for the clean up
After WWII began, between 1941 and 1942 Hitler changed his goal to: Destroying all European Jews
What benefits did women recieve for having desirable children for the nation? Loans for early marriage, tax breaks, and the government paid the childs allowence
1930 the Nazi party began protecting who? Working Women
What was the most important reason Germans supported Hitler? His economic policy that provided relief from the Great Depression and was the only effective one in Europe
Created by: Cianci