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Ch 13 vocab. 2

Prefixes, suffixes, root words

a- away from; without
-trophy process of development
troph/o- development
-ic pertaining to
vuls/o- to tear
-ion action; condition
contract/o- pull together
-ure system; result of
fibr/o- fiber
my/o- muscle
alg/o- pain
-ia condition; state; thing
hyper- above; more than normal
extens/o- straightening
flex/o- bending
contus/o- bruising
tort/i- twisted position
inflammat/o- redness and warmth
-collis condition of the neck
dys- bad; painful; difficult; abnormal
poly- many;much
asthen/o- lack of strength
-pathy disease; suffering
dermat/o- skin
my/o- myos/o- muscle
rhabd/o- rod shaped
-oma tumor; mass
sarc/o- connective tissue
malign/o- intentionally causing harm; cancer
-ancy state of
tax/o- coordination
brady- slow
kines/o- mot/o- movement
-clonus condition of rapid contracting and relaxing
athet/o- without a position or place
-oid resembling
hyper- above; more than normal
-kinesis condition of movement
burs/o- bursa
fasci/o- fascia
ten/o- tendon/o- tendon
synov/o- synovi/o- synovium (membrane_
anti- against
-body a structure or thing
electr/o- electricity
-graphy process of recording
-gram a record or picture
mot/o- kines/o- movement
-or person or thing that produces or does
re- again and again; backward; unable to
habilitat/o- give ability
-ectomy surgical excision
-tomy process of cutting or making an incision
ganglion/o- ganglion
bi/o- life; living organisms; living tissue
-opsy view of
incis/o- to cut into
rrhaphy process of suturing
thym/o- thymus; rage
an- without; not
alges/o- sensation of pain
cortic/o- cortex (outer region)
-steroid steroid
relax/o- relax
-ant pertaining to
neur/o- nerve
-ar pertaining to
non- not
-ory having the function of
intra- within
inject/o- insert; put in
therap/o- treatment
-ist one who specializes in
oste/o- bone
chir/o- hand
pract/o- medical practice
pod/o- foot
iatr/o- -iatry physician; medical treatment
physi/o- physical function
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