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Cianci - Pearson

Toward the Great Depression and Confronting it in the Democracies

What were the three factors that brought about the severity and extended length of the Great Depression? Financial problems arising from the war and peace settlement, a crisis in the distribution and production of goods, and weak economic leadership.
Why was France so determined to receive war reparations? It had already been forced to do so twice over in 1815 and in 1871 after losing in a war.
Why were governments afraid of importing in goods from abroad? If it imported too much, it may have difficulty in meeting both the costs of the goods and the expenses of debt.
What happened as a result of the Wall Street Crash of October 1929? Many banks in America failed because they had loaned people money which was then invested in the stock market, resulting in a lack of American capital to invest in Europe.
The Hoover moratorium on German reparations payments was the prelude to what? The end of reparations at the Lausanne Conference of 1932.
How did better agricultural methods both benefit and hurt Europe? It made prices of grain much cheaper, but as a result, farmers earned lower wages.
How were farm problems especially pressing in Eastern Europe? Large estates were broken up into small peasant holdings in the successor states, and insufficient incomes and tariff walls led to their failure.
Though the Depression did not mean complete unemployment, did workers improve their standard of living or move up the ranks as quickly as before? No.
In his book General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money, what did John Maynard Keynes advocate? Active government intervention in the economy and increased government spending during times of economic downturn.
Instead of leaving office with his cabinet after issues of tackling unemployment, what did Ramsay MacDonald do? He formed a coalition ministry, the National Government.
What were the three things the National Government did to attack the depression? They raised taxes and cut benefits, brought Britain off the gold standard, and placed a 10% tariff on all imports from foreign countries.
What were the results of the National Government's policies? Britain avoided a banking crisis, industrial production expanded beyond the level in 1929, and there was a private housing boom.
What did Sir Oswald Mosley call for? A program of direct action through a new corporate structure for the economy.
What did the French government do to combat the depression? The lowered wages and raised tariffs to protect French agriculture.
What were Action Fracaise and Croix de Feu and what did they believe? They were two major right-wing groups who wanted monarchy or military rule, hated all forms of socialism, and valued the glory of France above all political parties.
What was the Stavisky affair? It was where the government was accused of covering up the investigation of a gangster with ties to the government involved in a bond scheme.
February 6, 1934 Right-wing groups demonstrate in Paris and attempt to storm the Chamber of Deputies, resulting in 14 deaths and several injuries.
How were socialists and communists in France able to come together to form the Popular Front? Stalin's fears of Hitler allowed communist parties to cooperate with socialist parties.
When the Popular Front came to power, what did Leon Blum do to reform the French labor force? He raised wages, allowed for collective bargaining, established the forty-hour work week, and allowed for two weeks of paid vacations for all workers.
Why did Blum stop his trend of reform? French bankers and businesspeople, conservative in nature, exerted enough influence on the ministry to get him to stop.
Created by: Cianci