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Ch 13 Vocab.

Musculoskeletal system

muscul/o- my/o- myos/o- muscle
skelet/o- skeleton
volunt/o- done of one's free will
tendin/o- tendon/o- ten/o- tendon
insert/o- to put in; introduce
burs/o- bursa
fasci/o- fascia
-ceps head
brachi/o- arm
radi/o- radius (forearm bone); x-rays; radiation
extens/o- straightening
-or -er a person or thing that produces or does
flex/o- bending
tempor/o- temple (side of the head)
ab- away from
duct/o- bring; move; a duct
ad- toward
rotat/o- rotate
supinat/o- lying on the back
pronat/o- face down
e- without; out
vers/o- to travel; to turn
in- in; within; not
front/o- front
orbicul/o- small circle
masset/o- chewing
buccinat/o- cheek
stern/o- sternum (breast bone)
cleid/o- clavivle (collar bone)
mast/o- breast; mastoid process
delt/o- triangle
pector/o- chest
inter- between
cost/o rib
then/o- thumb
extern/o- outside
abdomin/o- abdomen
intern/o- inside
perone/o fibula (lower leg bone)
tibi/o- tibia (shin bone)
anter/o- before; front part
gastr/o- stomach
-cnemius leg
-cle small thing
fibr/o- fiber
-il a thing
neur/o- nerve
transmitt/o- to send across or through
contract/o- pull together
-trophy process of development
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